“You’re Beautiful”: Lady Abandons Bleaching after 3 Years, Returns to Her Normal Skin

A lady who bleached her skin from black to fair has abandoned the practice and returned to her natural skin colour. In a beautiful TikTok video she posted, Marsha Jenny narrated that she bleached her skin 6 years ago in 2016.

Her followers on TikTok have compared the two skin colours and said in the comments that she is more beautiful with black skin. In a recent TikTok video, Marsha Jenny explained to her followers that she bleached her skin sometime in 2016.

Jenny said she turned from a black lady to one with fair skin even as she attached photos of her bleached body. Jenny returns to her normal skin colour. But after 3 years, Jenny decided she was done with bleaching as she stopped and normalised her skin.

While she didn’t give any particular reason for her U-turn, she said in the video that Jesus makes things possible. Her words: “All things are made possible with Jesus.” She posted photos of what she looks like now in 2022. Jenny’s TikTok followers have compared the two skin colours and decided that she is more beautiful being black.

They praised her for her decision and encouraged others to do so. Click HERE to watch the video.

Reactions from TikTok users:

@Girl Idk myself said: “You look so beautiful in your natural complexion.”
@millicentogutu commented: “You look good in your natural skin, so proud of you.” @user9420942142894 reacted: “Ok you very pretty when you dark. Periodt.”

@BentleyMilan said: “Black is beautiful. Never lose your crown.”

@Purie Wangari said: “You look lovely with your natural colour. Best decision dear.” @HouseofWears reacted: “Black is the best.” @Irene Kalendi said: “I called it quit after 7 years. I have now learned to love my skin and I look more beautiful. lemme enjoy filters.”

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