Young Woman Tasting Egg for the 1st Time Has Peeps Busting Out With Laughter

A young woman tasted an egg for the first time in a bizarre video that had the internet busting out hilarious jokes.

An egg is a staple for most people around the world, which makes the lady say it “is an acquired taste” odd for many.

Some peeps were sceptical about it being the only time she had eaten an egg, while others busted out fire memes.

A young woman shared her first egg-tasting experience in a peculiar video with tweeps dishing out its A-grade humour. A young lady stunned most peeps by trying out an egg for the first time, bringing out jokes in them.

@LesegoMahlako shared the video with the caption “First time?” which could imply that she didn’t believe the lady. The Twitter post also brought humorous peeps with much to say about the clip.

The video starts with the woman holding the egg with aromat in her other hand. She added some of it to the egg and took a bite out of it as if she were opening a cider. Some of it even spilt on the floor.

She chews for a few seconds and then says that it is “an acquired taste” towards the end of the clip. Peeps worldwide brought out their top-shelf memes for the occasion.

See the comments below: @Tshupetso_M posted: “Not having had a boiled egg before is one thing, but biting into any food like you’re opening a bottle of Savannah is nasty business.”

@_IAMNOBODI said: “I just need to understand why she’s biting into the egg like that?”

@van_peeblez shared: @WAVETEMPTATION commented: ” ‘I feel like its an acquired taste’ kanti you are just eating a boiled egg with aromat?”

@Itss_Lungii mentioned: “I cannot stand pathological liars, at her big age? And the biting? Just so we are convinced she really doesn’t know how to bite it like Kendall cutting that cucumber bhod uLomntana man.”

@eliz_bug posted: @Emkay_Afrika asked: “Why are black women in under so much pressure?”

@deeneo_m commented: “Why is she eating it like that? The folding and biting?”

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