“You Should Be Ashamed” – Kids Expose Their Unfaithful Father With WhatsApp Texts During Dramatic Family Meeting

A cheating father was exposed by his children during a family meeting in the most dramatic way. His raunchy WhatsApp texts were projected onto the TV screen for everyone to see the secret life he’s been living.

The father was shocked by the unexpected exposure as he numbly in his chair, clutching at his teacup. Children read out text messages between their father and his mistress. A family had one epic family meeting when the children exposed their father’s affair that had been going on for months.

The kids accessed his phone and started reading out the text messages between him and his mistress out loud in front of the whole family. The dad sat quietly with his tea as his children were in disbelief at the salacious texts and the planned hookups he had arranged with his side piece while the family was away.

One of his daughters started crying and swearing at him for repeatedly putting their mom through pain. The mother calmly said that God always brings things to the light, as the children scorned their father.

Watch The Embarrassing Video HERE

People on Twitter had differing views about the children reprimanding their father, with some calling them disrespectful. Others felt like the man was at fault and disrespected his entire family by having a relationship with another woman.

@hillaryremnant posted: “If am the man, I leave the house and leave behind that woman and kids, and I go live my life. I can’t tolerate such disrespect.”

@HamidahKha said: “This is very disrespectful at all levels. These kids are meddling in their father’s life.”

@ItsMutai wrote: “This will end badly for the kids. Extremely disrespectful and entitled. The marriage is between the father and mother. They have no right to interfere. The father has real patience.”

@XerxesEmperor added: “Great job. I don’t agree with posting family matters online but I love that the kids confronted their father. I can see some guys criticizing the kids. If your little children lose respect for you, it’s game over.”

@WantSomeTee tweeted: “Sending these babes love. Many fathers don’t know how they treat their wives can emotionally scar their daughters for life. You should be the first example of a man you set for your daughters, and you failed them.”

@itumeleng23 shared: “And those saying the father will be mocked because of this video. Relax, he is a man. Society will feel sorry for him and coddle him. I wish healing for the mom and children. The real victims.”

@GayleZoie mentioned: “Africans with our twisted idea of what respect should be. Respect is staying faithful to your spouse, no matter what you see outside. Respect is choosing to separate.

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