Wives Stun Netizens with Prayers in Church for Their Hubbies Against Having Side Chicks

A group of wives left netizens stunned after praying for their hubbies against having any side chicks. Cheating in a relationship has become quite common for peeps online, but most people were surprised to see a church do this.

Social media users expressed mixed concerns, with some asking why those men agreed to participate in the exercise if they weren’t cheating. A group of faithful wives praying in the church have left social media users with mixed reactions after it emerged they were praying for their hubbies not to cheat.

Popular social media account @AdvoBarryRoux shared the video online that showed the spouses holding their husbands’ heads to their chests and passionately praying against any signs of them cheating. Peeps couldn’t believe the Twitter post, and others cackled at it while asking why the men agreed to participate in the prayer exercise.

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