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Why I Changed The Name My Parents Gave Me – Ashmusy

Nigerian content creator, actress, and influencer Ashmusy is one of the more popular skit makers and influencers today. The media personality is always in the headline for one reason or another. Most people upon seeing or hearing her name always ask the same thing: Ashmusy, which kain name be that? Where did she get it from?

Well, during her interview with Vanguard, Ashmusy finally opened up about where she coined the very distinct name from. She opened up about how she got into content creation and also about how she got the name. Here is what Ashmusy said about both topics.

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During her interview with Vanguard, Ashmusy was asked “How did you dive into content creating?” She said:

I wanted to act so bad. I knew I was an actor, I knew I was good, had the talent, the passion, everything was there and I could kill any role you give me absolutely. So then I started 2010 to go to all the casting that was happening all around Lagos State. From Ikeja to Sango-Ota. Me and bike ehn, I dey enter bike that time. I can go to like six auditions on the same day.

I would go and I would act very well and I knew I killed it. But most times, they would not call me back. Those people, they already knew who had the role already, I’m just realizing that lately. So later, when I now got into school which was Madonna University, my school was that kind of ‘prison university’ so I was stuck in school.

When I was stuck in school, I had to focus on my school cuz I tried to do well. That’s when they were now calling me for the Nollywood roles but then I was busy that time. Even when I came out of school that time during holiday periods, I would do maybe one or two jobs, but it was a bit humiliating. Sometimes, it’s a bit humiliating and stressful for upcomers.

So I figured I’d rather go into content creating. That’s when skits were just coming up, and just booming as well. Then I just decided to go through that style cuz after all skit is also acting. And that’s how I got into content creating.

The name Ashmusy, where did it come from?

I am Amarachi Amusi, that’s my full name. I am from Enugu State and the name Ashmusy was coined from Ashley Amusi. It’s not from Amara, it’s from Ashley. Ashley Amusi. So the Ashley is actually an English name I gave to myself. My parents gave me Blessing but then I just saw every Tom, Dick, and Harry bearing that Blessing, I said no! I said no, I will go for Ashley (laughs). So I gave myself my desired name.

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