Why Does It Feel Good To Be Negative? – Detailed Reasons.

Why does it feel good to be negative? One may ask. Take a closer look at your life, you’ll realize that almost all of the problems you’re facing is mental or spiritual. All other things that crops you in life is temporal and something that doesn’t last. How you use your brain to think and what you think about, plays a major role in your life. There are a lot of things you don’t even need to think much or worry about. You only have to face them with a plan and start acting on it. The more you keep doing that, the more you understand life and become free from most problems.

Whatever you keep focusing your mind and attention, becomes a habit of you. If it’s something good or positive, you become used to it and it benefits you the more. If it’s bad or evil, you also become used to it and then it gives you an effect and pain.

When you keep doing what’s bad, it changes in a form of good to think you’re doing the right thing. You’ll keep walking on that terrible lane, causing harm to people but in your mind, you’ll think it’s something positive. That doesn’t mean what you’re doing is good because the natural state of what you’re doing, is bad. That’s why people laugh when others are in pain. It’s all about the mindset and the evil that they see good.

Why Does It Feel Good To Be Negative.

What you always feed your brain and through your eyes, becomes a part of your human nature. At a point in time when you’ll realize you’ve wasted your youth. Funny enough, that’s also where you have no energy more to even work and be successful. Meaning you’ve become a useless creature. That’s where pastors will start exploiting you and making lavish livings from you.

Most people spend much time on things that won’t benefit, more than what they’re supposed to do in life. Most of you people think about things which will serve no importance to you. You’re rather wasting your time and mental energy which you’ll need to create a positivity in life. There are more good things on earth, than bad ones. Almost seventy (70) percent of earth’s contents are good and almost thirty (30) percent of the things on earth are bad. The reason the wealthy and successful in life keeps getting wealthy and successful from generation to generation is because, they focused on the good chances available and they capitalize on it to make wealth.

Why Does It Feel Good To Be Negative? - Detailed Reasons.
Why Does It Feel Good To Be Negative?

There are a lot of people who focus on the bad and useless things in life so the few that focuses on the large percentage of good things, they get it in abundance and in good quantities. It’s a fact that even here on social media, people are more interested in negativity and affairs of other people which doesn’t concern them and won’t add value to their lives.

What happened in someone’s relationship, who had sexual affairs with the other, problems people are having in their marriages, who is fighting who on social media, who broke who’s heart, who divorced who, what’s going on at the weddings grounds of someone, where the latest hookup joint and party is, where the latest hot girl in town is and her account to follow and see more nasty things, where the latest drinking party will be over the weekend, what and what to mix so you drink and become high and drunk for long hours, who impregnated who and who the real parents of someone is, joining stupid groups and affiliates and seeing foolishness as fun has eaten deep into most people and they can’t stay a day without things like that.

Those that try to be in their own circle and focus on their life devoid of all that wasteful things here, and always protecting their circle and sanity are rather seen as too knowing and arrogant and they’re being attacked everyday. Then later these same people who didn’t mind their business and always seeking the downfall of others, will try to motivate somebody if the person faces depression or wants to end his or her life. Stupidity and hypocrisy has become the order of the day for most of you people.

Why Does It Feel Good To Be Negative?

We’ve swayed far from the good ways of life we need to live so to live a good legacy for our generation. Our spiritual lives and soul energies are in shambles so the least attack, gets to us and destroys us forever. The human physical body has no control over the spiritual state of the body. The soul and inner energy is what contains the physical body. When your soul in you dies and your inner energy evaporates, the body becomes dead and useless. It thereby needs to rot. What will contain the body to be able to stand life and fight ahead, is the inner energy and soul.

When you leave the inner energy and soul unattended to and unrepaired, it becomes a disaster to the body. With this, whatever physical thing the body wants to engage in, won’t be positive. It’s a simple rule of nature. Reason I always say that if you don’t want to follow those principles, then you need to go to a different world by dying or live your entire life in misery. Every thing we need is at our disposal. We only have to see their importance and make good use of them that’s all. The wise doesn’t speak in plain words, he speaks in parables. “You can’t tell an old lady to close her legs, because you don’t know her source of fresh air, but you can at least tell her not to open her legs, because of stubborn flies”!

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