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Who Is Shanquella Robinson And What Is Known About Her Mysterious Death In Mexico?

Shanquella Robinson mysteriously died while in Mexico. Some people are comparing the incident to what happened to Kenneka Jenkins in 2017.

A family from Charlotte, North Carolina is seeking answers surrounding the mysterious death of their daughter, Shanquella Robinson.

In a report from local news station WBTV, Bernard and Salamondra Robinson last saw their daughter on October 28, the day she and some of her friends left to Cabo, Mexico for a vacation. Fast forward to almost a month later, and the parents still have no idea of what really led to their 25-year-old daughters death.

As the Robinson’s shared with WBTV, they were told by Shanquella’s friends that she died from alcohol poisoning after they got in touch with the parents that following Saturday after they arrived in Cabo.

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