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Which Country Has The Most Hardworking Immigrants In The US?

Reactions As Statistics Show Ghanaians Are The Most Hardworking Immigrants In The US

Ghanaians have reacted to some statistics that Ghanaians are the most hardworking immigrants in the United States of America.

These statistics were shared in a recent post made by the renowned Ghanaian sports journalist, Saddick Adams.

The post he made reads;

“Ghanaians are NOT lazy. Ghanaian workers are highly sought after in organized countries.

I’ve seen Ghanaian youth diligently taking 3 jobs of 14 hours a day in the West. When you pay and treat them well, they work well. If you pretend to pay them, they’ll pretend to work.”

Which Country Has The Most Hardworking Immigrants In The US?

Some reactions from Ghanaians are;

@Twitchdorkah – Ghanaians attitude towards work when they travel abroad is completely different.

@coetzerdinho – Saddick….I have personally handled 3 interviews for a field marketing role. They all declined because they think its about walking walking. Meanwhile the salary is benchmarks with the of the banking industry. Some are lazy.. The work they will reject in Ghana they do it outside

@kwaku_destiny – If we can work from 7am to 5pm and earn little over 800 cedis. Imagine the work rate we will put out if we are assured of a good salary 😁.

@musazidanemtz – Adey teach for some private school at ksi, the payment be Gh400. Abi diploma holder n currently I’m almost done with ma degree self by January. Chaley, sometime errh, I just want to stop going to work mpo cuz the kind of teaching menners dey do paaa n at the end Gh400, hmmm.

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