When We Say Fear Women, It’s Not A Fluke.

7 years ago my girlfriend who is now my EX got pregnant, this girl friend of mine boldly told me the pregnancy isn’t mine . I was shocked because I knew I was the only person dating her, I asked her who was responsible since I’m  not the one as she is saying. She mentioned the person’s name and started crying. I asked her why she was crying and she told me she followed money and ended up cheating on me.

I was in my third year and about to write my exams so giving her money was a problem though I tried to give her small small. So I asked her if she has informed the guy , she said yes and the guy asked her to keep the pregnancy. She wanted to abort it and I told her not to do that because she will give birth to human being not animal so she should keep it and continue with the guy.

When We Say Fear Women,  It’s Not A Fluke.
When We Say Fear Women, It’s Not A Fluke.

We separated and God been so good I completed school and had job after my National service. Just last week I  had a call from a strange number, I ignored and later saw sms and it was my ex. I called her because it’s almost 7 years  we separated. She was on phone crying and asking me to forgive her. Aaaaah forgive u for what. she asked me if I can meet her, I told her where I am and she came but she came with her son.

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Anonymous Tales

So we met at one restaurant and she started crying again, she really cried and I was so worried. I asked her to calm down so we can talk. To my surprise the first sentence that came out from her was, Bro Isaac the boy you see here is your son. My son? how? She told me the pregnancy was mine but she gave it to the guy because I wasn’t working then and she can go with me so we do DNA if I like. I told her to go and she will hear from me then I gave her money and I left.

When We Say Fear Women,  It’s Not A Fluke.
When We Say Fear Women, It’s Not A Fluke.

I was confused and worried, I couldn’t eat so my wife came to me asking me why I refused to eat. I told her everything and she was shocked too. She told me to continue with the DNA if truely he is my son then we know what to do. I told her how because we already have two boys and one girl. She is insisting for us to meet my ex and her son for DNA.

NOW Anonymous Tales, should I continue with the DNA or just let it go?

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