We Ab0rted Our Baby And Kissed Bye Bye To Our Relationship.

My situation is very critical and sometimes i am failing to think. I’m a male Zambian aged 30. I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for five years and wanted to marry her before the end of this year. My girlfriend and i were a happy couple for the first two years. I love my girlfriend so much.

Our story started like this; in the third year of our relationship I was robbed k100 000 so I almost lost everything. During this period I was confused. My girlfriend came to see me from Lusaka where she went to deliver the application letters. She spent a night with me and we had unprotected s.exz. After two weeks she missed her period. Due to my confused state I asked her if it was true. We did a test and it was positive.

I asked what she was thinking. Seeing what what I was going through, she advised that we ab0rt the child. I told her to give me four days to think about it then come up with the final decision. But she decided to come over again and we made a wrong decision; we ab0rted the child. The time we ab0rted the pregnancy we lost intimacy feelings for each other but the love was still there. Never did we disclosed to each other because of the love we shared and the bond.

We Ab0rted Our Baby And Kissed Bye Bye To Our Relationship.

We stayed almost a year without s.exz. Endured but our love continued. My girlfriend after few months relocated to Lusaka without any of us disclosing anything. We continue talking and sometimes I could visit her there. After few months, my girlfriend started struggling with her feelings and love for me but she never gave up we were talking. She visited me try to prove her feelings as she thought maybe it was temporary but we struggled to make love. She went back. I was supposed to engage her this month and marry her within two months as all the money for everything is available and still have it in my account. I even bought her a new car as a present.

To my surprise my girlfriend love and feelings has completely gone and she can’t pretend like everything is normal. I love this lady so much despite our issues and I can’t manage loosing her. She was there for me when I had nothing and when I had problems she stood by me. This girl is the reason why I have the little I have to make her happy. She doesn’t want to enter into marriage with her current feelings hence she wants to quit everything.

We Ab0rted Our Baby And Kissed Bye Bye To Our Relationship.
We Ab0rted Our Baby And Kissed Bye Bye To Our Relationship.

I have tried to take her the way she is but she has refused. She is saying that she has tried for two years to see if things could change but nothing is changing. Does it mean maybe our pregnancy affected our relationship? I need advice on this matter because i’m confused.

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  1. You saying you needed four days to think about the abortion and you didnt go by that meant you were not in charge
    The best decision could have reflected in that four days
    She may have regreted aborting
    She might even be scared you will make her abort a next time. Best is talk about the issue with her

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