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Video Of Dad Safely Tucking Twin Babies Between Couch Cushion Set The Internet Ablaze.

A lady has shared a hilarious video of the position she found her babies in after asking her husband to babysit them The mother of two saw her twin babies tucked into the couch in a very funny manner.

Her husband, on the other hand, sat peacefully on the couch while using his mobile phone as his wife watched. A mother has shared a funny video of her babies and her husband, who was asked to babysit her little ones. Gabriellabonacci said she stepped out for two minutes and asked her husband to look after the twins in her absence.

However, when she returned, she saw her husband using his phone after tucking their twin babies into the couch. Social media users react to dad’s funny antics The video of the dad’s antics has left netizens in stitches as people shared their own hilarious experiences with babysitting fathers.

Watch The Video HERE

@hasbulla.98 said: “Some of ya’ll need to pop open a bottle of some sort of alcohol, pour it up and breathe.”

@j2da_clark wrote: “I fell when I saw the second baby.”
@locdammbitions stated: “Baby, a man will find a way to watch the kids and not watch the kids at the same time.”

@hotmess.com_ wrote: “Y’all fail to realise that babies will cry if they are uncomfortable or in pain. These babies are content. Good job, dad.” @paigeelizabeth793 reacted: “How do I do this for a fully grown adult human? It’s me, I’m the fully grown adult human.”

@brittenysmiles said: “Honestly, it’s not going to smother them. They are on their backs and swaddled properly. I guess the haters are mad they didn’t think of it first.”

@afteraflower said: “Y’all, he’s a dad. He is tired. A moment of peace as a new father shouldn’t be judged so harshly. That is actually innovative.”

@blanca_gom13 said: “Am I the only one who thinks dads, for some reason, always have the smartest tricks?”

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