Video of Baby Boy With Brilliant Hand Coordination Feeds Himself With Milk Leaves Netizens Stunned

A baby boy who could perfectly feed himself has stunned TikTok users after he was seen sipping milk from a bottle. Dru Momma, the boy’s mother, posted the nice video and said she was tired of holding the bottle for him.

She, therefore, placed it beside him while he clutched the tube and sipped by himself like a grown man. The interesting video of a little baby boy who could feed himself has stunned social media users.

The baby’s mother identified as Dru Momma posted the nice clip on TikTok where it has gone viral. The baby’s mother said she was tired of holding the milk bottle so she allowed the boy to feed himself. The mum said she was tired of holding the bottle for the baby to feed, so she dropped it on the seat beside him.

But surprisingly, the baby appeared cool with the move as he perfectly fed himself without needing help from the mother. The way he clutched the bottle and sucked away gave him out as a child with nice hand coordination. Many TikTokers are stunned that a baby of that size could hold something that firmly with smooth coordination.

Watch the video HERE

Reactions from TikTok users

@terrybraley585 said: “Holding your baby and feeding them, it’s called bonding time for the two of you.”

@Brina brina reacted: “What’s the name of these bottles?”

@Dominique said: “The ones with no kids have a lot to say.”

@ʟʏʟᴀ & ʙʀᴏɴx said: “He is absolutely precious! Looks so adorable & focused on his bottle.” @cshaemaxwell commented: “Everyone hating saying she don’t want to hold the baby but sometimes we have to get stuff done and can’t cause we have no one to hold the baby.”
@Syddy reacted: “Look at that hand coordination though. Smart!”

@Bronze Bunny commented: “He’s so smart! He pulled it out his mouth when he needed to take a breath.”

@Harriet said: “He held on pretty good. I’m surprised.”

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