Top 5 Ugly But Real Truths About Relationships

If you’ve never had your heart broken or failed at a relationship; be it platonic, romantic, etc., then this article is probably not for you. Relationships are hard. Each and every one we find ourselves in teaches us something. They make us feel alive, break us, shape us, help us blend into society better, etc. As essential as it sounds, it is the one thing that affects us in life the most. How our relationship with family, friends, lovers, co-workers turn out determines how we view the world. Fact is, there are ugly aspects of the concept we can do nothing about.

Forever is Never Guaranteed

When people exchange vows during marriage ceremonies, it’s easy to imagine they will be with each other till death. It takes a couple of years before reality sets in and if effort is not put in, then it all comes crumbling. This applies to relationships of any kind. When there are butterflies and rainbows in the beginning, we are normally under the false impression that it might last forever, but forever is never guaranteed. Life happens and as much as it hurts, we must learn to pick up the pieces and move on.

Top 5 Ugly But Real Truths About Relationships

People Get Tired of One Another

It is human nature to crave variety. We are not made to appreciate one thing forever. People outgrow each other. That is why most romantic relationships and marriages fail. Your family cannot swap you for someone else because you are bonded by blood but even some very precious friends eventually leave. It doesn’t make them bad people; that is just human nature. Learning to live with it wouldn’t make our lives any easier but it can definitely minimize the amount of pain we go through in dealing with failed relationships.

Everyone You Love is Going to Die

This is the most painful yet inevitable reality. Everyone you love is going to die and you would never know when this will happen. It’s hard to think about the person or people you love and imagine them dead. If you’ve ever lost someone dear to you, you know the grief is intense. It feels like your life have suddenly come to a halt. Yet, nothing can save you from that reality. It could be you first or them first, but you can only be certain of this very minute. If you are the type who gets scared at the thought of mortality(even if it doesn’t scare you), it’s time to start loving the people you care about as if today was their last day on earth. Think of the eulogy you would write them and convert it to a lovely text and send to them.

Top 5 Ugly But Real Truths About Relationships
Top 5 Ugly But Real Truths About Relationships

Busy is a Decision

When people begin to lose interest in a relationship, they use being busy as an excuse. Truth is, being busy is mostly a decision. People weigh the tasks at hand and decide which one deserves to be a priority. When your loved ones ALWAYS claim they are busy and have no time for you, just know you don’t mean as much to them as they mean to you. People make time for the people and things they care about. Don’t convince yourself that they will eventually get time to spare for you. When love begins to fade, it’s easy to be in denial. Don’t! Move on.

The Grass Will Always Look Greener on the Other Side

At a point in time in our lives, we all start to imagine what could have been if we had taken a different step from the one that led us to where we are. It is very convenient to imagine life is better somewhere else. Same thing happens with relationships. When your current relationship starts to dwindle, you start to imagine how it would have been with someone else. You look for new prospects and start planning an exit strategy. Most times, it’s likely to be worst there. Learn to work at relationships and bear in mind that none is perfect. It takes a lot of work and dedication. Unfortunately, by the time we realize this, it’s too late. Learn to appreciate what you have. The grass is only greener where you water it.

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