Top 5 Richest South African Celebrities In 2022.

Black Coffee, AKA and Cassper Nyovest are Among Other Wealthy Faves.

South Africa has produced some extremely well-off celebrities who are not shy to let people know that they pretty much have Some of the country’s biggest global stars, such as Black Coffee and Trevor Noah, are big earners thanks to their skills.

Some money makers that have remained mainly local include rappers Cassper Nyovest and AKA, who each have bragging rights as two of the wealthiest in South Africa. In the South African entertainment industry works out for some who have made a lot of money with their talent. Big names range from musicians Cassper to TV presenter Bonang Matheba.

Many public figures have what they need to live their dream life. The people in entertainment who made the list are true ballers with lots of cash to spare.

DJ Black Coffee networth 2022

No South African rich list would be complete without Black Coffee. The musician makes his money in multiple ways but mainly as an international DJ in major festivals as a regular DJ in Las Vegas in Ibiza. ZAlebs reports that Black Coffee’s net worth is R1 billion. The publication reports that Black Coffee spends time in his Los Angeles home and a garage full of luxury cars, such as the coveted Maserati.

Trevor Noah networth in rands

The international star is one of the country’s latest exports as he’s the fourth highest-earning comedian, according to ZAlebs, with a net worth of R1.8 billion. Trevor Noah gets most of his wealth from being a host on The Daily Show for seven years, where he gets paid R291 million dollars each season. The comedian is also a renowned author of the best-selling book Born a Crime and does stand-up shows.

AKA networth 2022

According to ZAlebs, AKA has a net worth of R218 million, one of the richest rappers in the country. The Fela in Versace hitmaker owns a Bryanston mansion, has a soft spot for German cars, and loves BMWs.

Top 5 Richest South African Celebrities In 2022.
Top 5 Richest South African Celebrities In 2022.

Cassper Nyovest networth 2022

According to ZAlebs, Cassper Nyovest is worth R145 million One of his bragging points is that he did all of that without finishing school. Cassper owns a multi-million rand mansion and loves to get around in his rare McLaren GT and private jet.

Top 5 Richest South African Celebrities In 2022.

Bonang Matheba networth 2022

Bonang is worth R127 million, the most successful presenter in South Africa. Bonang has been a part of many Ventures, including being a TV presenter, businesswoman and brand ambassador. Bonang also has found success with the House of BNG. ZAlebs reports that Bonang owns quite the calculation consisting of a Maybach and a BMW i8, and she offered rocks designer clothing, including the Gucci and Louis Vuitton, to name a few. Bonang also has good inside of her as she runs a bursary to finance 300 women inVarsity for the next 10 years.

Top 5 Richest South African Celebrities In 2022.
Top 5 Richest South African Celebrities In 2022.

Many fans love to see the stars on social media. Many enjoy seeing their faves living a soft life. @TakaTina1 tweeted: “‘Just because I’m rich and famous,tht doesn’t mean I’m not stupid” Ngowethu-:Bonang”

@SAFuture2 wrote: Dj Black Coffee owns a private jet and that he’s rich but very humble?

@tshepiDuuh tweeted: “Trevor Noah and Kim Kardashian should date. Similar interests in politics, rich and famous, fair age difference, etc… seems like a working formula.”

@SphahDzadzyGlad said: “One thing I like about Cassper Nyovest is super rich nanoma bakjwayela kabi bathi nywee nywee nywee financially uyanysisa.”

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