“Toddlers Are Something Else”: Little Girl Sees Her Shadow for the First time, Screams in Video

A hilarious video shows a little girl crying uncontrollably after seeing her own shadow behind her. In the short clip, the little girl was seen walking on the road when she got traumatized by her own shadow.

The video showed the little girl screaming and rolling on the floor while hoping that her shadow would leave her alone. A little girl has caused a frenzy online over her reaction to seeing her own shadow. The little girl was walking on the road when she suddenly saw her shadow and immediately got traumatized.

The short clip showed the girl breaking down in tears and rolling on the floor as the shadow moved along with her. Mixed reactions have trailed the video as some people found it hilarious while others condemned the person behind the camera.

Watch The Video HERE

Social media reactions

@thebashfamily_ said: “When I say toddlers are something else.”

@ashleighanthony stated: “Me fighting my demons and being my own biggest problem.” @2am.in.paris wrote: “I feel like I was watching a scary movie scene when the girl keeps falling.” @mercypacify said: “Who is the mother of this poor child? How can a person stand in front of the kid recording her misery? If Where is humanity?”

@sinclairityspeaks said: “I just feel like babies understand the spiritual world so intimately that their behaviour seems weird when it’s very valid.”

@diane196400 commented: “Awww baby this world stresses us all out sometimes God Bless this sweet baby keep her under your heavenly wings GOD bless too young for stress.”

@julezlestrange stated: “This reminded me of my nephew, he thinks his shadow is his friend and greets it then proceeds to go about his business, he’s 2 btw.”

@fionaappletattoos said: “My brother did the same thing when he was little and my mom bought some oils from a spiritual woman cuz she thought he was going crazy (at 3 y/o).”

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