Toddler Runs for Her Life Fearing Angry Mom With Hot Iron, Adorable Video Trending On TikTok

A mischievous little girl couldn’t stand the heat and decided to run away from her angry mother. Her mom was threatening to punish her with an iron, and she didn’t stick around long enough to call her bluff.

People could relate to dealing with naughty toddlers and liked the cute mother-and-daughter fight. A little girl sprinted away from her mother, fearing she’ll get disciplined with heat.

A TikTok video posted by @m.molewa of a little girl and her mom’s interaction has people chucking online. The toddler was naughty, and her mom said she only feared an iron. She playfully threatened to burn her and started chasing her.

The little one sprinted away in her tiny boots, and people online couldn’t believe the trouble toddlers get themselves into. People asked the mom what the kid did, which warranted her to pull out an iron to threaten her.

But it was all in good humour because surely she would never burn her own child. The kid herself had a daring look to test if her mom was actually gonna chase her, and boy, did she run.

Watch The Video HERE

Read some comments from Mzansi below: @tamie_5 said: “Rumours says she’s still running from the iron.”
@nolia_b wrote: “You will pay for it. Look at our president running. Power of an iron.”

@andresmal909 commented: “Catch me if you can.”

@ney_nt shared: “I used to do this to my little brother when he was younger because he was naughty. He is 14 years now, and I can’t do anything. ❤️”

@medusa_motshwane mentioned: “My sister once burnt me with an iron and said it was a mistake since I can’t remember. Why do I feel like she did this. ”

@ethenedwards0 posted: “When you dropped the boots line, I died. ”

@poonky24 asked: “What did she do?” @modova7 said: “She knows that it’s about to go down.”

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