This Lady Is Almost Perfect But…

I fell in love with this lady about four months ago. She is awesome. I have always wanted to meet someone like that so I could pick myself up and start this adulthood thing. I haven’t really tried anything serious since my heart got broken in 2019. I’ve just been living a fuck boy life but I am not growing younger plus, I wasn’t really enjoying the whole thing. Just say man for release once a while.

So this lady, I love her so much. We have been friends since last year but the love thing commenced four months ago and we are doing great. I took my time to know her better. Actually, the more I did, the more I get to love her. She is smart, caring, humble, can cook, is focused and has a vision, her personality and charisma are on a different on a different level.

This Lady Is Almost Perfect But…
This Lady Is Almost Perfect But…

But Sir, it feels like the love is fading already and that’s because we tried having sex some time ago last month. Her vagina was really emitting this offensive smell. Seriously, my whole room smelled like I was stuck in a manhole. Unfortunately for me, I went in raw and when I pulled it out, damn! The odour was unbearable. At first, I went to look through the window thinking something was happening outside but saw nothing. Returning back to her, the odour got stronger as I got nearer. So I held my dick and sniffed my hands. Owww! Owwww!! Was too baaaad! I almost vomited man, I almost did.

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So I asked her in a crazy loud tone, ‘is that you!???’ and she responded ‘yeah!’. I didn’t want to embarrass her so I just moved into the bathroom to shower. When I was done, I asked her to shower too while I wait for her in the hall. She was mute the whole time. Honestly, I didn’t know what to say too. After she finished, I created room for us to talk about it as we drank some fruit juice. I gave her Ghc 500.00 to go to the hospital and treat herself.

This Lady Is Almost Perfect But…
This Lady Is Almost Perfect But…

Honestly, I haven’t been able to feel same way towards her anymore. She has had herself treated and all that but, I haven’t even had the urge to sex her or even hug her or something. I just keep feeling someway when she’s around me. It’s like there’s this impression in my head I can’t let go of. It just pops up every second and I wash my dick extra hard every time I am bathing though there’s nothing. How do I let go of this craziness and focus on loving this lady? or I should just let her go, I am confused actually!

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