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“This Is Not Healthy” – Some Broke Nigerians Respond To A Video Of A Guy Making Money Rain On His Infant

A Nigerian father has faced harsh criticism for celebrating a newborn baby by dousing him with cash.

The young guy is seen dancing around the infant who was put on the bed and making money rain on him in a video that is going viral on social media.

The young guy was enthusiastically spraying brand-new 500-yen notes on the youngster, albeit it is unclear whether he is the child’s biological father.

Social media users’ responses to the video, however, were mixed as many criticized the dad for exposing the youngster to the money’s hazardous chemicals.

They contend that it is unhealthy since a child’s inside organs have not yet developed to withstand the chemicals and microbes found in money.

“Please Is This Healthy?” @endylight1 wrote. There are several methods for doing this. Buy him presents and nice clothing before you spend your money on a kid. You have no idea how many hands have touched the money.

The infant is inhaling the fragrance of those dollars, which is terribly inappropriate since the newborn’s lungs are not as powerful as an adult’s. Illiteracy is a problem.

Wetin be this, a different Instagram user wrote. You’re supposed to put money into the baby’s account. Do you realize how delicate a baby’s skin is at this age? Smh.

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