10 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Anyone About Your Relationship.

In a relationship, whether married or still in courtship, there are some things you should not tell another person. Not even your bestfriend whom you gossip everything with. Not your parents at home. You never know who will be the ‘Judas’ over your relationship. There are 10 things shouldn’t tell anyone about your relationship. Learn to keep things between yourselves.

Below are 10 of such things. Please and please, we would like to see your relationship and or marriage flourish so follow it gently.

Things you shouldn’t tell anyone about your relationship

1. Don’t tell anybody how weak your partner is. Someone may use it against them. Sharing a weakness of your partner to the outside world is just childish. Grow up.

2. Don’t tell people how much you quarrel with your partner, make them see it as perfect from outside while you settle issues from inside. Don’t wash your dirty clothes outside. They’ll act sad with you and laugh at their homes.

3. Don’t tell even a best friend how much you get as pocket allowance from your husband. If they ask tell them that he’s giving more than you expected. Else, your relationship will be the next topic at the saloon. Some will go-ahead to introduce you to other men who may pay more. Becareful.

4. Men don’t tell your friends how good your wife is in bed, that’s a secret between you and your wife. A curious friend may want to prove you wrong by putting her to a test. What will happen if he succeeds and tell you? Will that make you happy? She’s good in bed and that shows how fortunate and lucky you are.

5. Don’t ever tell your mother the way he or she is acting in the marriage, you won’t like the outcome if she’s a jealous Mother in-law. You want a ranger mother in-law to start poking her nose into your marriage? Then i’m sorry, prepare your divorce papers. Mothers are not ALL KNOWING. Talk to your partner and settle things amicably.

Things you shouldn’t tell anyone about your relationship

6. Ladies, a friend may be eyeing your husband and that’s why you shouldn’t tell them what moves him most. Women they say are their own enemies. Telling her the soft spot of your husband makes her job 90% complete. He’s yours and yours only so keep it to yourself.

7. Even your pastor is not worthy to know how many times you quarrel with your husband, most of them will use it as sermon. Just talk to God alone. Your pastor is human as you are. You can seek advise and prayers from him but don’t share your quarrel rate with him. Unless you want to be the next sermon topic.

8. Spare the children that ’your father is a bad man’ charade. It can make them hate him for no reasonable reason. As a wife, be an adhesive that binds your family together not separate them.

9. Don’t tell anybody your partner’s past mistakes, it is too risky for your marriage. That person may use that weakness as a soft spot and snatch your partner from you.

10. Don’t tell anyone to try s.educing your partner to prove their loyalty. They may end up winning their love. Never let another test your partner with s.ex. Research proves that, more than 80% couple fails this test. Not because that don’t love you, but some conditions may push then to.

Things you shouldn’t tell anyone about your relationship
Things you shouldn’t tell anyone about your relationship

Now there you have It. Follow these 10 warnings and i bet your relationship will grow and you’ll be proud of how far you’ve come.

May God bless all marriages and relationships.

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