They Took Turns On Me With The Help Of A ‘Normal’ Water.

How I Lost My Virginity To Four Boys.

I cant even start this.
On my birthday last month, I met this gentle guy in his early 30’s. My friends had a surprise party thrown for at the hostel and he found himself at the party.

He was a friend of my Bestie(I never should have called her that). She introduced us and we vibed well. We started chatting and all and all this while, my friend kept on asking “how is he, how are you guys?” as if she is tasked with a mission.

They Took Turns On Me With The Help Of A ‘Normal’ Water.
They Took Turns On Me With The Help Of A ‘Normal’ Water.

Fast forward, last week, I closed from lectures one afternoon and coincidentally, he happen to be around at the same time. I was like how come and he claims he was there to look for a friend. He offered to give me a ride which I objected a little while but went. He told me, he wants to pick up some goods from a friend before he drops me if that okay.

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We got there and one could easily see that his friend was throwing a party so I decided to wait in the car but he insisted I go with him for just water and then we leave. I got to the compound sat on the pouch, his frnd brought the water and he went to check the party out and get back with whatever he wanted to pick.

Guys in 20minutes after I took this normal water, I felt weak. Am a very descent girl, intelligent and I would have detected if the water had a different taste(cause after all , it isn’t a movie where I wouldn’t have to pretend it was).

I saw him carry me into the room, stripping me nude and said “you weak for a shout or resistance so relax okay”. Guys, they took turns on me and devoid my 23 years of virginity(four guys oo)

They Took Turns On Me With The Help Of A ‘Normal’ Water.
They Took Turns On Me With The Help Of A ‘Normal’ Water.

The pains, thought alone. I wish God would help me as they always said he is everywhere. I haven’t had the courage to tell even my friend after I got home in my state because I suspect she knew about it.

Now, the guy wants to date and even marry me because he claims the guilt alone won’t let him sleep. What do I do? I cant tell my parents and can’t find the courage to go for a checkup or pregnancy test too.
Men are wicked I swear. Awww, why me?

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