They Placed A Bet On My Body And Each One Of Them Won.

Some three guys did a bet that they will all have $ex with me and they have succeeded.

It’s really a long story but this guy proposed to me many times but I didn’t like him so I kept turning him down. Like for over a year. He didn’t give up though so I decided to give him a chance and see and we started dating.

Not knowing he wanted to show me and he told his friends that he will let all of them have a chance. He broke up with me after like 6months just when I had fallen genuinely for him and one of his friends got close to me telling me that my ex was a bad guy. Not knowing it was all part of the plan.

They Placed A Bet On My Body And Each One Of Them Won.

I dated the second friend for a while. The time we were dating, an unsaved number messaged me and I asked him how he got my number. But he told me we met at training college sometime ago and so I believed him. I was at teachers training college and the first guy knew so he told his third friend about it. All this while I was dating the second friend.

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But the third one will send me money randomly and he was really good. Around that time my boyfriend started acting someway and he also suddenly broke up with me. I called the third guy crying on him that history has repeated itself. I told him that my boyfriends always break my heart without any explanation.

They Placed A Bet On My Body And Each One Of Them Won.

He also opened up to me about how women have broken his heart and I trusted him. One day he invited me to his place and we had sex. After that all the three of them sent me a long whatsapp voice note using the first boyfriend’s number.

They were all laughing at me in the background that I was playing hard to get with the first guy so all three of them planned that they will have sex with me and dump me to show me.

I am the biggest fool in the world. I don’t know if I will ever trust any man in my life again.

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