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The Unknown Man I Used To See In My Dreams Is Now In My House

I’m a lady (34). A civil servant and a single mother of an 8 years old boy. I was once married but my husband (now late) passed on before I gave birth to our boy. The news of his sudden death (road accident) hit me so hard. It felt like the end of my world. I was suicidal all through the mourning period. Nothing motivated me to live until I found out I was 3 months pregnant. The news came as a relief and gave me hope that he had left a part of himself behind for me. Months later, I gave birth to a beautiful boy and he has been my life since. I still live in the house my husband left behind (a 4 bedroom house) with my baby boy and a lady tenant. The house has been sectioned into two separate apartments so I’ve rented out the other side to this lady, who is also a mother of two.

She told me her husband lives outside the country. People (friends & family) have advised me to the moon and back to find another man and settle down with but I always paid a deaf ears to them. Now everyone has come to terms with me on my decision to stay single forever. Indeed, I’ve stayed single & remained faithful to my late husband all these years. A part of me felt I would be disrespecting his spirit by giving myself to another man.

The Unknown Man I Used To See In My Dreams Is Now In My House

Since December last year, I’ve been having a series of strange dreams of someone (a man) I’ve never met. In the dreams, the unknown man and I seem to have known each other for a long time. “Kyer3s3” we are living a whole life in the dreams as a couple. I’m not the type that have dreams every night & the few times that I do, I barely remember it well when I’m awake. But this dream has been different. I can see, touch and smell this person in the dreams and when I’m awake the memories don’t disappoint. In as much as I was fast getting fond of this man in my dreams I found it very strange because I could tell I had never met someone with that face before. I brooded over it for sometime before I finally opened up to my Pastor. We prayed and I fasted for some days. Later, he (the Pastor) told me everything I’m seeing is a reflection of what lies ahead of me.

Fast forward, I returned from work yesterday and found an unknown car parked inside our compound. As usual, I went over to my tenant’s window and greeted her before entering into my apartment. Few minutes later, I heard a knock and the voice of my tenant calling me. I opened up and OMG I still can’t believe I wasn’t hallucinating on what I saw. The man from my dreams was standing right on my doorstep holding hands with my tenant. I remembered clearly that I had seen him in the same shirt he was wearing. She introduced him to me as her husband, he had just returned into the country. I was so lost in the moment butI managed to fake some smiles and responses. I stood still at the door watching them while they walked back into her apartment. It was definitely him.

The Unknown Man I Used To See In My Dreams Is Now In My House

I know dreams do come true but this one is too weird. Is life playing a trick on me? How can this unknown man from my dreams just show up at my doorstep as my tenant’s husband? This world is indeed a strange place. Now I keep rushing to the windows hoping to see him outside whenever I hear their door opening. I called my Pastor already and informed him of what I saw and he said I should just watch and pray. I feel like I’m running out of time seeing him with her together. How are the variables going to change for him to become mine? But is he even supposed to be mine just bcos I see him in my dreams? I thought my heart was closed to love but this man has just badged in without even knocking. Could it be possible he is having similar dreams and has also seen me before? So many questions on my mind.

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Anonymous Tales

I decided it was best not to let my emotions override my morals and beliefs which could cause me to start a fire I may not be able to control. So I started minding my own business and taking care of my boy. It’s been two days already since he (my tenant’s husband) has been here and nothing weird has happened. Somehow, I found myself checking up on him last night on social media. When my tenant introduced him to me, she mentioned his name as Martin. I already knew my tenant’s full name as well as that of her kids. I combined their family name to the Martin and I looked it up on Facebook. Now, I’m not sure if that move was a great idea. What I saw has made me more curious than ever.

The Unknown Man I Used To See In My Dreams Is Now In My House
The Unknown Man I Used To See In My Dreams Is Now In My House

It’s like I’ve rushed through the natural process of the matter though. Would you believe this man in my house as my tenant’s husband is actually a twin? From the pictures I saw on his page, he has a twin brother who lives in Germany, they both do. They look very much identical. Now, I’m relieved that there are two of them. If my tenant has this one then I can have the other one. I don’t intend to stalk him or get in touch. I’m keeping my distance with the hope that someday, the universe will lead him straight to my doorsteps.

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