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Capsules for Daily Living/Ep8: The Pangs of Jealousy

So the women sang as they danced, and said: “Saul has slain his thousands, And David his ten thousands.”
I Samuel 18:7

God, through David, had brought a great victory to the nation of Israel. No one believed that anyone in Israel could face Goliath and defeat him.

Celebrating David as the vessel God used rather provoked pangs of jealousy by king Saul.

“David had slain his ten thousands and Saul his thousands.” To Saul, this praise should be going to him and not David his servant.

The Pangs of Jealousy
The Pangs of Jealousy

There are times the success that God brings our way will provoke pangs of jealousy against us.

Those who couldn’t do what God is using you to do may become jealous because you’re now the focus of attention.

Don’t expect anything else apart from the effects of jealousy when you’re successful at what you do.

The light of success that shines through you irritates the darkness that’s in others. They’ll make every effort to dim your light.

The Pangs of Jealousy

But never be perturbed with their acts. God’s light will even shine brighter through you.

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Anonymous Tales

Jealousy will not dim your light of success. Shalom.

Prayer : Pray for maturity to handle success and not to fall into the trap of becoming jealous of those who are doing well.

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