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The Love Letter That Gave Me A Wife.

Who ever wrote a love letter in school and got exposed? Here is my story.

It was love at first sight for me. I had just moved to a new school because my family relocated to a different town. The first time I entered my new class, I had this eye contact with one girl and I fell for her from that moment. I was a bit shy of approaching girls then. So I wrote a very long & spicy love letter to her. She replied my letter saying she has accepted to be my girlfriend.

We were both early teenagers. So now we were dating and it was that boy-shy girl-shy kind of love affair, It felt perfect tho. One afternoon, I was in class when my girlfriend (also the class captain) walked in with swollen red eyes, came to my desk and said the teachers were calling me. I definitely knew something was wrong. I followed her to where the teachers had gathered under a certain tree. Sitting among the teachers was my girlfriend’s niece (she was in primary 6 and my girl and I were in JHS 2). The girl was holding an official paper and just one glance at it, I could tell that it was my letter.

The Love Letter That Gave Me A Wife.

They bombarded us with questions and asked if I have also received a letter from her. I told them no, she didn’t reply. The niece interrupted sharply, saying that I was telling a lie because she was the one who delivered the reply to me (which was true tho). I admitted she replied but I lost the letter. My blood was boiling at this time. After making fun of us, the headmaster took my father’s contact and called him right there and told him something has happened so he needs to come with me to school the following day. He did the same to the girl except it was her mum he called instead.

Later at home, my dad asked why they needed him and i tried to convince him not to go saying it wasn’t anything important but he didn’t even listen to me. I guess it even made him more suspicious. Using my mum’s phone, I called my girlfriend’s senior brother in the evening and he allowed me to talk to her (that was our usual means of contact). According to her, she had a fight with her niece at home before coming to school that day and the young girl had suffered defeat. So she brought the letter to the school as a retaliation move. Broad day witchcraft!! My dad wasn’t the friendly type, he always had his serious mask on and wouldn’t spare you for nothing. He dragged me to the school compound the next day.

The Love Letter That Gave Me A Wife.
The Love Letter That Gave Me A Wife.

The whole school (including my girlfriend’s mum & my Dad) was gathered at the assembly hall and I stood in front of them with my girl standing next to me. Two teachers stood behind us with their canes. The headmaster brought the love letter to me and instructed that I read it aloud. Every word I skip would attract some lashes. I can’t forget this day. I read the letter word for word in front of everyone. The girl stood beside me crying the whole time. Of course the boys wouldn’t disappoint, they accompanied my reading with all sorts of crazy noises until the last word. As if the shame of reading the letter wasn’t enough, my dad was given a cane to beat me and oh boy, I still hate the man for what he did to me that day. The girl’s mum also flogged her well well to match the level my dad had taken the beaten to.

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Guess what? Today, I’m happily married to this same girl and we have 2 amazing kids.

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