The Love Is Fading From Her Eyes And I Don’t Know What To Do.

I met this girl last year on her birthday and we exchanged contacts. We came to know each other and became intimate friends. She told me she has a boyfriend who doesn’t care about her well-being and always cheats on her. I also told her I don’t wanna interfere in her relationship because I respect her as much as I respect her relationship and also I wouldn’t be okay if my girlfriend is seeing someone else.

She one day told me she has a strong feeling for me and by then too I also started falling in love with her so we started seeing each other. Sometimes, I used to see some kid in her snap videos which I guessed it was her son but I decided not to ask.

We went along for some months and she told me she was pregnant during shs 3 and had a miscarriage a few days to delivery. She then went on to say one of her aunties was also pregnant and they seemed to have the same day of delivery but unfortunately she had a miscarriage but her auntie gave birth and after the child was delivered her her auntie passed away.

Since the child was born with no mother and she had big breast to feed the child she decided to adopt him to replace her lost child.
The story sounded weird to me and I knew she made it up to cover the fact that she has a kid.
But I loved her regardless she having a kid so I told her it’s no big deal we’ll both keep the child as ours.

Months passed and she now ttold me the truth that she thought she would lose me. I told her I knew it already and we settled everything. I still showed her love and loved the kid as my own until early this year. She told me her boyfriend found out about us allow another man cater for his child. We discussed it and agreed to still carry on and prepare for the future.

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Anonymous Tales

This girl’s attitude started changing towards me from then. She barely called or even texted. Whenever I call her she won’t answer but later tell me she didn’t know I was the one calling.
She’s always busy. Whenever we get the chance to text and I send her I love you she’ll overlook it. She will later reply the next morning as “Good morning”. When I ask if she still loves me she tosses the question around and leaves it unanswered. I’ve been complaining a lot but it seems I’m forcing myself on her.

The Love Is Fading From Her Eyes And I Don’t Know What To Do.
The love is fading.

Guys I really love this girl but her actions has been fading away my love for her and I’m lost.

Please do any of you think I should just break up with her or carry on with this hurtful relationship.

Sorry for any grammatical error. We tried very much to edit and make it reader friendly. Thus without taking out the actual storyline as sent by out anonymous brother.

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