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The Ghost Of My Mother And Younger Sister Won’t Make Me Rest.

I need your help before I die. My mother and younger sister’s ghost won’t make me rest.

A year ago, I met a friend from high school. He was rich and successful. I pitied myself because I hadn’t achieved anything at all. I was a basic two teacher in a private school with a monthly salary of Ghc 300. Being the first child, I had a lot of responsibilities. My Dad passed away the very month I completed high school in 2017. I had to forget about furthering my education and get a job so I can support my mom and two younger siblings (both girls). I was really desperate. I needed more money so I can get back to school and do something to make my life better.

So when I met this friend and despite his expensive lifestyle he was still nice to me, I had the feeling he could help me attain financial liberty and get back to school. I was the smartest kid in my class back then, so after telling him my story he said he was going to introduce me to his type of business, I had the feeling I will be richer than him in every way possible. We exchanged contacts and he gave me Ghc 1000 to buy airtime and call him when I am free.

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I called him that very evening, he told me to spend some time with my family before I come see him when I am ready because he will be traveling with me for our first project. He sent Ghc 20,000 to my mobile money account and asked me to use it till I am ready to come and see him. The next day, I submitted my resignation letter at work, gave my mom Ghc 10,000 and used the rest to buy some personal belongings. Three days later, I called my friend to let him know I was ready but he asked me to spend some more time with my family because we will be gone for long. I insisted I have already done that so he directed me to his house.

The Ghost Of My Mother And Younger Sister Won’t Make Me Rest.
The Ghost Of My Mother And Younger Sister Won’t Make Me Rest.

I was impatient, I couldn’t wait to start working with him. I told my mom I applied for some job online and I qualified so we were going to be rich forever. She was happy, she prayed for me all through the night before I left for my friends’ place. How I wish I knew I was going to kill them. So, this friend of mine traveled with me to some part of Togo where he said his business associates were. At a point, the car couldn’t go so we had to walk. I never even thought of money ritual, I thought he was into drugs so I cautioned him that if he is into drugs, he should take me back because I am scared but he said it’s not drugs. Up until now, I wonder why it didn’t occur to me that we were going to do money rituals.

To make it short, we got there and it was a shrine. I panicked but I was asked to calm down. The man performed some rituals on me then made me stand in a boiling water where he asked me to bath the water and as I bath it, I should be saying all I want to achieve in life. After that, he gave me two eggs and asked me to mention the names of any two people that are very important to me in life that I wish to help. I mentioned the names of my mother and junior sister (the one directly after me) after which he asked me to break the egg and I did.

When we got back to Accra, I started receiving calls from different people, they wanted to do business with me. I didn’t even have any business so I got confused. I asked my friend about it and he said I should sell anything at all I want to the people calling at any amount and they’ll gladly pay for it. Funny but it worked. I sent a picture of a pair of sneakers I had since 2018 to one of the callers on whatsapp and he agreed to buy it at Ghc 40,000.00 on delivery.
Unbelievable!!!! I used his money to buy a few more shoes and sold them to different people I didn’t even know or meet at huge sums and they purchased it. I moved out of my friends’ place, got myself an apartment and two cars at Devtraco Estates (Tema). Then went home to see my mom and siblings only to be informed of their death except our last born. I didn’t realise I killed them at that very moment until after their funeral. I was there one day and I remembered I mentioned their names on two eggs and crushed them. I confronted my friend and he confirmed it.

The Ghost Of My Mother And Younger Sister Won’t Make Me Rest.
The Ghost Of My Mother And Younger Sister Won’t Make Me Rest.

I couldn’t stop crying. I cried for more than a week but eventually accepted my fate. My junior sister (our last born) who is only fifteen became my everything since then. I sent her abroad somewhere late last year to study after her BECE. Last month, the grandmaster demanded our presence so we went, we are a lot actually. I have just decided to focus on me for some reasons and a lot has happened over the last few months. He is asking that I bring my sister for sacrifice so I can be a full member now or die. I refused to do it but my friend insisted its better I do it than to die. He said my sister was abroad so no one will know she is even dead. At a point, I agreed with him but since that day, I haven’t rested. My dead mother and sister keep appearing everywhere. They appear to me everywhere. I can’t even go anywhere, once I start my car, they are in the back seat crying blood.

The Ghost Of My Mother And Younger Sister Won’t Make Me Rest.
The Ghost Of My Mother And Younger Sister Won’t Make Me Rest.

I don’t know what they want from me but I am scared. I have just seven more days to go and see the grandmaster for the sacrifice, if I don’t I will die. I need the help of a strong spiritualist to either help me walk out of this cultic group without losing my life or to capture their ghost so I can travel in peace and save my life.
Please, post this for me. I am scared. I don’t want to die. I didn’t even mean to start any of this in the first place. I am so sorry please. Save me.

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