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The Boss I Wish I Never Had.

I was a driver to a business woman from 2008 to 2013. She owns several businesses from salons, boutiques, bars, stalls and more at different locations. I drove this woman for 5 years and my salary was Ghc 5,000 then it kept increasing till I resigned at Ghc 30,000 in 2013.

We used to do very terrible things. We drive to far away villages to kidnap kids within the ages of 3 to 10 and when we bring them home, I don’t ever see them again. I don’t ask but I know the kids are no more. Sometimes, we’ll drive to some of her stalls or bars at dawn, she’ll strip naked and walk round the premises holding a pot with blood in it and chanting strange words then she’ll bury the pot in the middle of the premises and make me cover it neatly.

So all her stalls had a beautiful garden in the center, it was beautiful but it had it’s purpose. She performs these rituals at least once every month. The morgue water the woman uses at her bar is nothing serious, when I saw people ranting, I just laughed.

The Boss I Wish I Never Had.
The Boss I Wish I Never Had.

We had a warehouse where we keep drinks and food items like rice, flour among others. We kept all of them in coffins, it was only the woman, myself and one other guy that were allowed inside the warehouse. We keep a few drinks in them and by the time we come tomorrow, it’s more and she’ll say they did delivery over night. We never knew who did the delivery till I left.
The things I did with this woman still hunts me and I don’t think my family and I can ever relocate to Ghana.

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Anonymous Tales

I was told she died in Germany last year after suffering some serious stroke. I don’t know what happened to her businesses but, that’s it. She had three kids back then. One died in 2010 but the other two are alive and strong. Her first child had an epilepsy that pops up almost every 2 days. The second is the one that died but the third was perfectly fine and I am sure he still is.

The Boss I Wish I Never Had.
The Boss I Wish I Never Had.

Some of the rich people we envy wish to be like us because of the things they go through. Genuine wealth takes time, let’s learn to build gradually with our little.
Before I resigned, she made me swear with a pot containing a live tortoise, cowries and some other terrible things never to expose her or I’ll die. I quickly relocated to Canada and I’ve been here since. I’m happily married with three kids now. I wouldn’t be saying this if she was still alive. I am establishing businesses in Ghana now, I will definitely come home soon but for now, everything is through my agent. I just hate the memories.

These things are not lies, they are true so I want everyone to learn to be prayerful and understand that there’s evil in the world. Thank you.

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