The Battle Is Between Myself And His Baby Mama.

I am a lady and aged 22 I’m currently working at a certain company and dating a 26 year old guy working in the same company but different outlet. The problem which has brought me here is; I met my boyfriend when he visited our place bringing something for us. I noticed the way he was looking at me but I was not into relationship things so ignored him. He later talked to one of my work mate who approached me and told me about the guy liking me. I refused because i didn’t want to be into any relationship.

I thought to myself when I was alone that maybe I should give him a chance to be in my life since he seemed like a good guy. Fast forward we exchanged numbers and started talking and he later disclosed his intentions towards me and I accepted. As weeks went by he asked for my phone to see if I chat with others but to his shock he found nothing suspicious. I asked for his phone as well but he always told me to respect his privacy and kept telling me that he loves me and that am his.

The Battle Is Between Myself And His Baby Mama.

He couldn’t even give me his user name so I can send him a friend request on facebook. I stalked him myself because he couldn’t disclose anything about his previous relationship to me, he kept on saying that he will tell me when time comes. I found out that he has a child and the baby mama stays in one of the cities so I asked him about it because I love making peace and he explained that he was going to let me know about it.

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He fell sick and his phone was off for one week. The baby mama is back and doesn’t have any relative around so they’ve been staying together at a place for a week and still he kept on saying that he loves me and no one else. I doubted him and called him only for him to put me on blacklist and that I should wait for the baby mama to go back and that’s when will be lovers again. As I’m typing I’ve been blocked till next week.

The Battle Is Between Myself And His Baby Mama.
The Battle Is Between Myself And His Baby Mama.

I’m hurt because I loved this guy wholeheartedly only for him to play with my emotions. I don’t know what to do now because am confused and in a relationship full of lies. I didn’t expect this from him. Sorry for the long text but I really need your advise if I should leave or wait for him till next week so I can hear from him.

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