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“That’s Why You’ve Refused to Marry”: Mum Blasts Son for Sending Her Photo of What He’d Cooked

A young Nigerian man shared what his mother told him when he shared a photo of the food he cooked.

Reacting to the photo of the perfect meal, the mother wondered if his cooking skill was the reason why he is yet to marry. Reminding him that his mates’ children are in secondary school, many blamed him for the criticism he received.

A young man using the Twitter handle @YorubaBoy_has shared a screenshot of his WhatsApp chats with his mother telling him why she thinks he’s still single. People said he should not have chatted his mother up on WhatsApp.

What started out as a harmless conversation between a mother and son took another turn. The man started the message on his Twitter page showing his mother the food he claimed he made for breakfast.

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Mother tackled son over marriage After sending her the photo of the meal, the woman went straight to asking if that was the reason why he is yet to marry. “Your mates already have children in secondary school, continue Mr Chef the bachelor.” See his post below:

Netizens jumped in on the post and talked about how African parents give kids pressure to get married. Here are some of the comments from the post:

@queenkayzee said: “African moms and agenda. If your message had said, ‘Mom, this cooking thing is not easy. I burnt my noodles last night’. She would have replied, “The time you’re using to burn noodles, your mates are using it to attend PTA meetings’.”
@Choreezy09 said: “Mr Chef the bachelor, mumy han no chills.”

@drketchy said: “At the point you texted “mum” and she replied with “yes”, you should have just said “how are you?” Or anything else. Cos that was a clear indication she wasn’t in the mood for nonsense. Same with when you are with her in person and yoy call her and you get “a look”-just pivot.”

@_misterdavid said: “This is not a counter attack, it was pre-planned and launched at full speed.” @Ebere_nna said: “You are asleep and she is waking you up.”

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