Talented Young Man Builds His Own Bugatti Car From Waste Materials, Drives It Like King in Video

A young man with the TikTok handle @mrtech170 has shown off the “Bugatti” car he built using waste materials In a series of videos on his page, he showed people the production process and the hard work he invested.

Many people who thought the car would only remain stationary were amazed when he drove it in style. A talented young man, @mrtech170, who built his sportscar from the scratch, has shown it off in a TikTok video as he played a Rick Ross’ Stay Schemin song.

The front of the vehicle had the number “16” designed on it. The body of the contraption looks as if it was made out of cartons. People prayed for the brilliant man’s continued success. An old clip on his page showed the production stages of the car. During the process, he set out the wheels, placing the tyres at the right angles.

The steering wheel shone as if he used foil papers to wrap it up. Lights placed strategically on the vehicle’s body made it glow beautifully in the dark. As at the time of writing this report, the video has stirred over 800 comments with more than 80,000 likes.

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below: Alungile Alue asked: “Where are those who were looking forward to seeing the car moving?”

terminator56402 joked: “Rumor has it that it was being pushed at the back.”

nokuzolananantenh said: “As I thought the car was not gonna move.”

Nikkimapakisha said: “Wow you’re going far and am also from Bergville Bhethany but I live in Durban am so proud of you.”

Noluthando Shelembe said: “Yoooh some people are talented out there. This is pure genius.” SPRINKLERSSSS said: “May the good lord shield you from all home made lighting Amen.”

Bloom said: “You just need the right people to see this and you’ll go far.”

Man refurbishes old car

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s popular Legit.ng earlier reported that a young man bought an old car for £900 (N453,113.48) in 2015. To make the car better, he went into a revamping process.

In a video, the man said that he never had any experience in automobile modification when he started the mission to make it look better. As a way to clean the rust, he shot-blasted the body and had to later deal with many holes on the exterior.

To cover them, he spent many days and nights painting.

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