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“Stop Dressing Like Ashawo!” – Susan Pwajok Responds

Nollywood actress Susan Pwajok has literally grown up right in front of so many of our eyes. From a very young age, the actress started acting in the hit Africa Magic television series “The Johnsons” and her work on that show really pushed her name and career to great heights. She acted as Blessing on the show and till today, so many people still see her as just that innocent little girl.

But Susan isn’t all that little anymore. In fact, the actress is now a grown woman and her fashion sense has been reflecting that A LOT. Over the years, Susan Pwajok has gotten a lot of pushback and hate because of her very revealing and very sexy outfits. Many have compared her dressing to things worn by ‘ashawos‘ and she has been called out so many times on social media about the dressing.

Well, Susan has things of her own to say to the people who have issues with her outfits. Here is what the former child actress had to say about her dressing.

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Speaking about people who say she now dresses like ashawo and have problems with her dressing, Susan Pwajok said:

It’s so funny how I constantly have people telling my mum to watch the way I dress because I can get raped and that men are evil. What’s also funny is they fact that most Nigerians watched my grow up on “THE JOHNSONS” and now when I post pictures or videos I get comments like Aren’t you too young to be showing your body like this ?

It even got to a point that someone took screenshots of all my Instagram post and sent them to my mum and told her that I’m attracting rapist and older men and I should learn to cover my body. What I don’t understand is, why do I have to stop dressing the way I like because men can’t control themselves?
I’ve also had it with all the men telling me that I’ve gone wayward because I dress the way I like !! Okay I’ve gone wayward, how e take concern you?

Recently Susan Pwajok also opened up about the issue of sex-for-roles in Nollywood. She said during her “Surviving Lagos” podcast:

It’s not every one that wants to open their legs and sleep with people for a role, or a job. Like not everyone actually wants to have sex for something. Some people just want to work hard and get to the top but people don’t get that.

Cuz then I would have conversations with people and they’ll be like oh you’re a lady na, you will have it easy. I’m like what do you mean? How? If anything you [men] have it easy because hardly will you ever hear it that a woman wants to sleep with you.

What do you think of what Susan Pwajok said? Also, what do you think of her outfits? Do you think it’s appropriate? Inappropriate? Do you not care? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment either below or on my Anonymous Tales Facebook post.

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