“Sorry Dear”: Beautiful Lady Weeps Bitterly after Boyfriend of 7 Years Dumped Her

A young lady has gone online to cry following her heartbreak after seven long years of a relationship. With tears all over her face, the lady shared photos in quick succession with a background music.

Many netizens wondered why she would come on social media to cry over a man after their private relationship broke down. A young lady, @dianabby39, has gone online to share a short video of herself crying bitterly after her relationship broke down. Some people online tried to console her.

Tagging her ex-boyfriend that broke up with her, the lady wondered why he would break her heart in such a way after the years they had spent together. Left her for a girl with purple clothes. The lady said the man left her because she does not wear purple like the girl he is now with.

Many people found it funny that a pretty girl like her would come on social media to cry over a heartbreak. In another clip, she said: “The biggest mistake you can make in this world is to fall in love.”

Watch the video HERE

As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 700 comments with thousands of likes. We compiled some of the reactions below: Dorlyn_ae said: “Don’t give up babe… Even the new one go leave you in advance.”
ÎTZ ZÖKÍ said: “He made a wise decision sha… No reason am.”

Jacykweenzy said: “Just calm down U go soon trend.”

Lil omàh said: “Na everybody go chop breakfast….shayo ooooo.”

Tessylove said: “Naa u be learning med in a relationship 7 years, sorry eeeh.”

Nick Annie said: “Breakfast well served.”

@ZARI LUKEMAN OFFIAL said: “Sorry dear, but seven yes dating someone is it a nursing school eee guys one year is enough I can’t.”
TeeMieSaM said: “How una take dy sit down video una sef dy cry.”

Blavklonelygirl said: “How do y’all cry and take videos or pictures of yourself please I need tutorial.”

Maxwel lord said: “So you guys were dating all this while… I never noticed… a really touching story.”

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