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Sometimes You Have To Cut Them Off To Have Them.

So, there was this girl I fell in love with when I was in Shs. She was way ahead of me in school, because when I was in shs 1, she was in level 200 in the university and she is a year older than me.

In campus, they see me as a playboy. A guy who lay girls for fun and at some point, I had a relationship with our IT Madam and that got me famous on campus. People heard about me and the girl is no exception. Honestly, when I approached this girl for the first time, I started stammering and shaking. A whole me, I couldn’t believe but I tried my possible best to make my way out that day. I was so ashamed and embarrassed. The girl didn’t say anything, she was just looking at me and smiling.

So as time goes by, we became friends and through that, got us closer to each other. So I man up one day and propose to her but she turned me down and even gave me a space. She started vibing with my cute and handsome cousin. He’s also a playboy but he is cute with a nice dimple and I don’t. They became close to each other and they were so close. My cousin came back home one night from the girl’s side and told me he kissed her and I was like “for real”? I was a little bit jealous but then what can I do about it? I asked myself this.

So I decided to stay in my lane, we were still friends tho. We vibe a lot and some times we make conference call with the three of us having a nice time. We completed Shs and I left. I decided to stop calling her and stop picking her calls because I don’t want any emotional stress. She speak to me through my brother and I replied through my brother just because I don’t want to have a direct connection with her. It got to a point I completely stop talking to her, I deleted her number and told my brother not to call me if it’s about the girl. I completely cut her off from my way. I went back to my old life, “Womanising” and I enjoyed it.

Two weeks ago, a number called me, I came back and saw the missed call, I called back but couldn’t reach the person so I saved the number “Unknown” to check if it’s on WhatsApp, Guess who!?… The Girl. After 5 years, she look more beautiful than before and she shines like crystal stone. whaaat?! We had a short convo and it was all fun. And that was it until Last week Friday.

Sometimes You Have To Cut Them Off To Have Them.
Sometimes You Have To Cut Them Off To Have Them.

We were chatting, so I decided to ask her why she chose my cousin over me, and she said she didn’t chose anyone. And I asked her if she ever kissed my cousin but she said No, I got confused, my cousin told me the opposite, why is she lying? She said my cousin wanted to kissed her but she didn’t allow it, she said she even asked my cousin if he knew I was proposing to her but he bullsh**t it and left.

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She told me she loves me, but she was just trying to see if I’m serious or just doing my playboy thing on her. She said she was so worried when I cut her off and curious about why the cut off with no explanation, and I told her I thought she was dating my brother so I wanted to keep cool. She said she never dated my cousin, they were just friends because of me.

Guess what, she’s now my girlfriend. The day she accepted me was the day I deleted and blocked every other girls number on my phone. I am happy with her, love really exists after all.
My cousin is angry at me for a reason I’m yet to be told.

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