My Boyfriend Is Sleeping With His Best friend.

My boyfriend is sleeping with his best friend. I was in a relationship with my youth president in church. I was then in SHS 3 and he was in Level 300 in a University. Was making time for this guy. I loved him with all my heart. It was on Val’s day that we planned of going out. You know African parent always spoil plans. When it was time, he called me and i told him my mum sent me on an errand so i can’t make it. So he left with his so call bestie. He was from a rich family too and he always drive one of his father’s car whenever he is on vacation so some girls in the town see’s him to have everything.

When i completed school, i stayed at home for a year before going to the University and he was doing his service at one of the cocoa companies in Takoradi. He ask me out. We visited one of the sea shores. We started vibing till he stated confessing ..”Baby am soo sorry for all the pains i have caused you ..i was like …what do u mean??…I cheated on you with my bestie but i am hurt so i think confessing to you will calm my spirit down “i didn’t spare him the first slap.

Sleeping with best friend.
Sleeping with best friend.

He cried apologising till we left the shore. I forgave him because i loved him . So i was at loggerheads with his soo call bestie. I texted her to talked to her in a polite way that she shouldn’t have allowed my boyfriend to sleep with her since she knew the relationship between us. She got angry, called my guy and told him i have insulted her. This guy too called me and blasted me asking me to stay out of this.

I was totally down and my spirit went too low. He later came and apologise again i accepted his apology. Just 2 weeks ago, he had an accident so i visited him with the church members. Two days later, i went there alone to pay him a visit with one doggy style so he will recover fast. He took his phone to show me the accident images that was sent to him by one police friend. Then he left to the wash room but returned within some few minute for his phone which i was not done viewing the images.

Sleeping with best friend.

I suspected something so i decided not to give it to him. Come and see fight, struggling upon struggling all my dress was full of blood. I then asked him to give me his phone or we breakup. He refused so i took a car and returned home. I then sent him a breakup message afterwards. I want to know if i did the right thing for breaking up with him.

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