Since Breaking Up With Him, No Man Even Lust After Me.

Have I Been Cursed?

I think I may be under a curse or something.
I was dating this guy from Upper East from 2016 to 2019 when I discovered he had a wife and two kids in his hometown. He was hoping to make me a second wife but I opted out.

Since 2019 till date, no single man has proposed to me. No man even looked at me twice. I have done all I can in this world, I even proposed to men but they all turned me down. Mo man even lusts after me ooo, I mean even if I sleep naked on the street, a mad man won’t touch.
It is very frustrating. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I can’t even cry. I am in so much pain.

My whole life is miserable. I can’t think of anything else but of the fact that my Ex is behind this. He is doing this to me. I have fasted, prayed, I have been to all sort of places all to no avail.
Is being a second wife by force that Patrick won’t let me have peace of mind? I was in relation with him for almost three years and he never told me he had a wife until we were set to marry.

Since Breaking Up With Him, No Man Even Lust After Me.
Since Breaking Up With Him, No Man Even Lust After Me.

We bought almost everything, went to his hometown to see his parents before his mother asked me if I know that I am coming to be the second wife?! Even with that, he was angry with the mother, how long did he intend hiding it from me? Am I that foolish? I love myself, I love my peace and my space so I decided to leave. I left without taking anything from him. The things I bought for our marriage, the moneys I borrowed him and all, I left it for him. All I did was carry my foolish self away yet, Patrick is hunting me.

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Anonymous Tales

See, the frustration I am going through right now is the worst thing I will wish for anyone. Seems he has pledged that if not him, then no one else will have me. After wasting three years of my life, you decide to be my bane. Funny how some people think. Hmmmmm, I lock myself in the room and cry all day sometimes, I am not saying this for anyone to have pity on me. I just want everyone else to learn that some men are very wicked and selfish. He has denied me joy while he is happily enjoying his life.

I need anyone who knows any strong man of God or spiritualist to kindly help me get delivered from this devourer I classify as an Ex. I will be reading comments but then, if I do not get out of this, I will find him and when I do, I will lure him to bed and stab him a thousand times. When I am through, I will either kill my own self or go to jail.

Since Breaking Up With Him, No Man Even Lust After Me.
Since Breaking Up With Him, No Man Even Lust After Me.

After all, it’s better being in jail than being my age and not even be lusted by any man. I even bleed when I try to masturbate. He is a big fool. Do I deserve this? After sacrificing everything I earned right from 2016 to 2019 for him? I left the relationship without a penny in my account. He drained me financially yet I stayed foolishly thinking he was investing for our future while he was taking care of another family.

How stupid I was! None of this was okay for you, you now want to destroy me in addition. Hmmmmmm. We shall see!!! Please post for me. Thank you!!!!

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