“Side Chick Problems”: Little Girl Asks Dad for Massage as Mum Stares in Awe

A funny little girl has kept people in stitches after requesting a massage from her father in a viral video. The beautiful little girl lay on the bed and gave her father procedures to follow to massage her properly.

Her father did the job diligently even though she complained at one point that he was not getting it right. A little girl has caused a frenzy online after her hilarious video surfaced on the popular app TikTok. The pretty little girl was seen in the viral video demanding a massage from her father, who lay beside her.

Her mum filmed the moment and shared it on TikTok as netizens gush over the amazing father-daughter relationship. The little girl complained that her back was hurting and requested that her father take his time to massage the pain.

Watch The Video HERE

While her father did the job, she complained he wasn’t getting it right and proceeded to teach him how to do it better.

Social media reactions @abenaadepa15 said: “Taking over mummy find a different husband because Kendra Eii hmm.”

@princesszino6 stated: “Kendra be doing the most these days. See the way she’s relaxed.” @botch25esther wrote: “Mama, we will sue you for this back ache it’s your fault. God bless you, daddy.”

@cechbae remarked: “I hope you know that your husband has been snatched.”
@mercy_omote commented: “I told you that teddy bear won’t keep her off your man.”

@debbie_prettyofficial said: “This girl done take your husband from you ohh. So sorry.” @faithful109 stated: “Your husband is gone. This side chick has pride, oooo.”

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