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I Have Become A Side Chick In My Own Relationship.

Why are men so heartless? This is how I became a side chick in my own relationship.
Could you believe that my boyfriend of three years whom I’ve sacrificed so much to establish is cheating on me?

I decided to surprise him yesterday since he was home. His off days are on Mondays but he mostly says I shouldn’t come around because he is stressed and wishes to do nothing but rest.
When I knocked on the door and he saw me, he started complaining bitterly that he’s warned me and whatever whatever.

As a good girlfriend, I decided to go back home, I had bought some gizzard I wanted to fry for him but I just thought I should leave it in the freezer for another day. Ben?? This guy has really shocked me. When I opened the freezer, I saw a big polythene bag, he was inside by then so I decided to open it and to my surprise, it was my clothes. He had frozen my panties, and shirts, even my slippers.

Side chick in relationship.
Side chick in relationship.

Just when I was about going to confront him, I heard a knock on the door and when I opened, it was another lady. So he hid my clothes in the freezer so the other lady won’t see. He had the guts to insult me infront of the lady. So me that I am 24years of age and Ben is 26 years, if he will even cheat behind me must it be a girl that’s not even 20 years yet?

The girl that I saw yesterday was a kid and this guy disgraced me infront of this little girl as if I am worth nothing. He almost slapped me just because I called the girl little. So all this while I was just his ATM card? Me that I’ve planned how my wedding will be like. I’ve even told my friends that Ben and I will soon tie the knot and all.

I can’t believe this. He acted so perfectly that I never even suspected or thought there was another woman. God will really punish him.
Well, at the end of the day, he told the other lady I’m ‘that his ex he’s been telling her about‘ so she shouldn’t worry and pushed me out of the room. I cried all night.

Side chick in relationship.

This guy and I started from scratch. I gave him ghc4000 to add up to his then ghc3200 to rent the house he pushed me out of. Bought the fridge he had stored my clothes in. I did most of the furnishing because we agreed that I’ll take care of that side. While he saves to marry me. He even said he will come see my parents for my dowry last this June. I’ve invested every penny I have into giving him a life. And all he could do is address me as an Ex infront of another lady. A lady who doesn’t even know how much a center table costs.

The only reason I didn’t create a scene yesterday was because I respect myself that much. Besides, I won’t force him to love me if he doesn’t but I promise him sorrow. He’ll taste bitterness and interpret it to others.
I will ruin his life. Let’s wait and see. Benjamin Nartei, I’ll show you pepper, relax and see.

Credit: Love and Pills

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