Should I Permit A Stranger To Take Care Of My Lunch?

There’s this man who has been a Facebook friend of mine for years and he also happens to be from my place. Years back he has dropped one or two chats which wasn’t anything serious.
Recently, he chatted me up and asked how my city was and I told him I was serving in Lagos. He said he got transferred there and it’ll be nice to see me.

He has written several books which he usually post online and so I thought it wouldn’t be bad meeting someone from place at a far distant state and at least someone I assumed has impacted in the lives of lots of people from the post and comments I saw online. I thought I could learn one or two things from him also. Though I was going to be very careful.

Should I Permit A Stranger To Take Care Of My Lunch?

We exchanged contacts and immediately he dropped several of his books and asked if I’ve read any, I told him not yet. After that, he called and we agreed I was going to come one of the weekdays, this is because I wanted to see him at his office, only for him to say it’ll be okay we meet at his office for now until his wife who came to visit leaves and then I could be coming to his house so I could help him cook and stock up the fridge.

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At this point, I had lost interest but I managed to tell him that he must at least inform the wife which after several talks he agreed to. So on the day I agreed to meet him, he was just calling severally, but I didn’t pick up.
Later that day, I told him I was sorry I couldn’t make it.
And he was like I should have at least pick, flash or return his calls, that he kept something for me at the office. I didn’t reply nor opened any of those messages, just saw them on my screen. So a day after, which is today I replied, telling him I won’t be coming again.

Should I Permit A Stranger To Take Care Of My Launch?
Should I Permit A Stranger To Take Care Of My Lunch?

He didn’t seem angry, he just asked how I am and how my weekend is and that his books has arrived and I should send him my details so he could send small money for me since I be government worker. I ignored it at first and just congratulated him for the books and told him I was fine as well. He further insisted I should drop my details so I can at least get lunch.
I know this change of attitude is just to safe his face because he didn’t even sound angry with me at all.

However my issue here is since he is insisting, I don’t know whether it’ll be right to drop my details or not.

Thank you.

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