Sheena Gakpe: 5 Photos Of The Ghanaian Actress That Proves She Has A Heavier And Softer Backside Than Hajia Bintu

Ghanaian actress and model, has taken social media by storm with her voluptuous figure and heavy looking backside.

Last year, popular tiktok star Hajia Bintu took the social media space by storm with her photos and videos showing off her heavy backside.

Ghanaian guys especially could not have enough of Hajia Bintu to the extent Shatta Wale sung a song about her.

Well, there is a new voluptuous lady with a heavy backside on social media.

Sheena Gakpe is a beautiful and heavily endowed Ghanaian actress, Tv commercial model and a brand influencer.

According to her Instagram page, she holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting.

In some of her photos shared, Sheena Gakpe poses for the camera in a red outfit showing off her flawless body with her heavily backside getting all the attention.

She’s also seen in a orange top and blue jeans with her heavily endowed backside trying to force its way out the jeans.

In another photo of hers, she is seen wearing a yellow short which displays her thick beautiful thighs.

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