She Wants To Be My Sugar Mummy But I Am Not Interested.

I am 21 years of age and this married woman wants us to go out.
I went to town to repair my phone,(china house, adum) the place was very crowded but i managed to get myself a seat, I don’t know where this lady came from then she comes to sit abruptly beside me. She then started a conversation with me and stuff at last my phone was done, and she took my phone number so i left.

As soon as i boarded a car, she called but I couldn’t hear a thing she was saying so i said I’d call her when i get home. I got home and slept so later that day she called me and ask if we could meet because she likes me and she thinks she can trust me so i made her meet me at a certain bar near my place. All this while she never told me that was she married. So we met and talked about lots of things. I made her laugh like crazy with jokes. She then told me a friend of hers is married but not happy in her married because her husband doesn’t have time for her and that friend was trying to find someone who would make her happy and so she wants my opinion.

She Wants To Be My Sugar Mummy But I Am Not Interested.

I then told her she should advise that friend because it’s evil to be in a relationship with someone’s wife. Mind you, she’s 28 and am 21 so we left the bar and found some tight corner around the vicinity to sit and talk. As soon as we sat down, she started kissing me and she opened my jeans and started playing with my “cassava” and i also started playing with her ”doodly doo”.

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Nothing happened that day becaused we were outside. She left to her place and so did i so when i got home, i called her and she told me what she made it clear to me that, the story she told me wasn’t about any friend but her and i started feeling guilty, because i had said to myself never go sleep or do anything stupid with a married woman.
The guilt continued and it was weighing me down so i decided to open up to my girl, I told my girlfriend everything i had done, she got angry but she forgave me and asked me to block her.

sugar mummy whatsapp number
She Wants To Be My Sugar Mummy But I Am Not Interested.

Right now, both the lady and i have turned to status viewers. Sometimes she offers to take me out but i ignore. She wants me to visit her and stuff. Whenever i block her lines too, she use new numbers to call and beg me to unblock her. Please how do i get rid of her because i am not willing to sleep with a married woman. I’ll be in the comments section.

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