She Wants Me To Help Her Kill Her Husband, My Boss.

My boss’ wife is pregnant for me and she wants me to help her kill the man. Her suggestion is the worst thing I have ever heard. I can’t imagine myself killing the man who has been good to me for more than ten years. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. He asked me to cajole his wife into having an affair with me as a way of testing her loyalty.

My boss is sixty-eight while she is twenty-nine and I am thirty-four. This man employed me as his personal assistant right after I graduated from the University of Ghana with a second class upper. He said I reminded him of his younger brother who died in a car accident some years back. His ex-wife died four years ago, not wanting to live in depression, he got married a year later to his current wife.

They have been together for three years and according to him, he doesn’t think she is faithful. He often complains to me about his suspicion. I am more like the only friend he has, every other person is a business partner. We go places together, we travel together by road or air to far places so we get to talk a lot.

She Wants Me To Help Her Kill Her Husband, My Boss.
She Wants Me To Help Her Kill Her Husband, My Boss.

I didn’t want to agree to his idea of luring the wife into having an affair with me at first but I finally agreed because of my relationship with him. I started with the intention that I will give my boss vivid feedback on whatever the wife agrees to do with me. Then, I found myself deleting messages and holding back while I got closer and closer to the woman. I eventually ended up falling in love with her for real. I started cheating on my own wife with her and deceiving my boss that she was a good woman.

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Anonymous Tales

We met and had sex on several occasions and at different places till she discovered December last year that she was pregnant.
Now she is proposing two things, first is I help her kill my boss and then opt for a divorce so we can fly out together and settle down. I don’t trust her, I have this feeling she married the man because of his wealth and now, she wants to use me to get rid of him so she can keep the wealth. I get this feeling anytime I think of her crazy ideas but, I have come to love her more than my wife. I am so attracted to intelligence and confidence, that’s exactly who she is.

I wish I can just confess to my boss how I failed to do his will, he forgives me and everything comes to normal but, I can’t. I will lose my job and probably, most of the things I own. I am not ready to kill him nor lose everything I have. I just want his wife and I to continue our secret affair while she aborts the baby or give it to him but the woman is insisting.

She Wants Me To Help Her Kill Her Husband, My Boss.
She Wants Me To Help Her Kill Her Husband, My Boss.

I came across your blog yesterday and I felt like sharing with you, so you and your audience could help me make the most suitable decision. I will be reading comments but please, keep me extra anonymous. Thank you.

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