She Wants Me To Father A Child Of Her Ex.

I met this lady about 3 months ago on Facebook. We exchanged contacts and it was very fine. She comes to my house and I also visit her on weekends because the two of us all are public service workers.

Last night she shocked me with this news, that I’m watering a pregnancy that’s not mine. She cried uncontrollably that she’s carrying a pregnancy meant for her ex and this guy has relocated to Belgium without her notice. The guy wants her to terminate the pregnancy and go her way because he said he doesn’t want it. He doesn’t attend to her calls or texts anymore and has blocked all sources this girl can reach him.

She Wants Me To Father A Child Of Her Ex.

I took her to the hospital this morning and it’s true, she’s two months pregnant. Her family isn’t aware that she’s pregnant. This girl is 34 years and doesn’t want to abort the pregnancy because no one knows tomorrow. Now the issue is, she wants to introduce me to her parents, siblings and family as the father of the pregnancy in order to avoid embarrassment and heavy disgrace since she knows the family she comes from.

The family has seen she’s pregnant and the dad wants to sit her down and ask questions about it so that the necessary steps can be taken; to talk to the man who caused the pregnancy and also inform his family for a meeting. Again she wants me to marry her after birth and she has promised to be very devoted to me. But seriously this lady is very good. Few weeks ago she even loaned me 14,000 to add to my cash to buy a new car for my private use.

She Wants Me To Father A Child Of Her Ex.
She Wants Me To Father A Child Of Her Ex.

I’m confused honestly. I don’t know what to do now. I can’t tell my family this secret too. I’m yet to introduce her legitimately to my family but she visits my mom and dad and even my sisters. So you can imagine they obviously know something is going on. I don’t think it’s right to discuss with friends because I see insecurities in doing that.

Help your brother. I need to be psyched. What is she hiding? I’m so confused that I couldn’t go to work today. Help a bro.

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