She Wants Marriage Now Or It’s Over.

I am 23 and I have only dated 2 girls but It didn’t go well.
So arroud last year June, I met this girl who is 27 and we started off by been good friends. We got along to the extent that she can give me her phone to go home and also keep mine in other to stay in touch with her. But through our friendship, she told me she has a boyfriend and I understood her.

So as time went on, the friendship became very close to the extent that people started getting jealous of us that we are dating and she and the boyfriend started having issues. All this while I had started generating some sort of feelings for her so I told her and she said she doesn’t want to date someone younger like her brother but I still explain how I felt about her and she said we should give it a try.

So we started dating. Sex was good and she really loves sex and she doesn’t even feel shy to tell me she is horny and I also do the same. Then it got to a time we have to be separated because of work issues. But we were still dating tho it’s had to be a distance one now. The last time she called me, she asked when am I coming to visit her bla bla bla and I told her to give me some time to gather some funds as work is not really booming now and she was cool with it.

She Wants Marriage Now Or It’s Over.

We last spoked about moving in together so she was searching for a chamber and hall self contained apartment and we got some. Then later she came telling me she has not stayed with anyone before and she wants me to come and stay at her place for a month and see whether staying with me is fun or not and this is from someone who has already told me that she can’t take me to her house because all the guys she dated she took them to the house and people see them so she doesn’t want people to think she is changing guys too much.

I was really unhappy when she said that but I said okay to her and made up my mind not to step in her house and now she is telling me to come spend month there?? Fast forward I refused and she was not happy about it so I also explain to her the reason I don’t want to come and she was okay a little. We were cool till 2 days ago she told me I have kept her thinking of which i asked her what is it, then she started with i am a young guy and she knows marriage is not in my plans for 1 0r 2 years to come and she is also ready for marriage now so she is asking me what my plans are.

She Wants Marriage Now Or It’s Over.
She Wants Marriage Now Or It’s Over.

To be frank my plans are not to settle with her and get married now despite the fact that I really love her and I don’t want to lose her. I intentionally asked her so if I am not ready for marriage what will be her next move, then she said she loves me and doesn’t want to hurt me so we will be together for some time and when she finds someone she will tell me so that we can be friends.

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Anonymous Tales

Guys please I don’t want to lose her because I really love her and she loves me too but she is matured and ready for marriage and she is taking pressure from her family that she is old and have to get married bla bla bla but I am also young and have not settled yet. So please what should I do?
I really need your advice
Thank you.
Please I will be reading your comments

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