After Leaving Me And Our Kids, She Wants To Ruin My Life.

My wife ditched me for rich men and now wants to ruin my life. Meanwhile, well done for all the good works you do here online.
I am a single father of four beautiful little kids including a still breastfeeding child abandoned for me by my ex since 2017 till date and being doing it alone. No woman or house help. My ex left immediately after my business collapsed completely as she was advised by her housewife friends in the neighborhood.

Before she left, she broke her phone sim card so I will not be able to contact her in my lifetime because her housewife friends promised to link her up with a very rich young man and such new catch wouldn’t want to have a breastfeeding mom as his new woman. I suffered with this kids with my collapsed business. Everyone including friends and family all turned their backs on me including those I financially helped in time past.

Baby diapers, wipers and powder etc became my pillow each night in case the still breastfeeding child defecate at midnight. The kids all out of school and barely get meals. I became a living ghost. The mockery, taunting etc by her housewife friends daily. She saw me once and advice me not to use the kids for money ritual because she knows a church rat is richer than me. I sold almost all my personal effects just to survive with my little kids daily. Tears failed me, even my personal prayers to God seems unanswered.

She want to ruin my life.

I saw hell but not too long, God restored me. Went back to my business, started a fresh building and my kids back to school. I wake up 5:30am daily just to prepare food and my kids for school each school day before attending to my personal business. Then appeared my ex and a lady with the police to arrest me alleging domestic violence. The still breastfeeding child saw her and wanted to hug/climb her but she ignored him and instructed the police to arrest me.

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On getting to the police station, they heard from both parties and I got vindicated by the very police officer she brought. The female police officer told her she will surely get her payback in her lifetime as long as God lives.

Not too long she used one of her housewife friends to set me up with a rape charge because rape cases are always life imprisonment sentencing in Nigeria but failed. PUNCH NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED THE STORY”HOUSEWIFE FALSELY ACCUSED A LAGOS BUSINESSMAN OF ATTEMPTED RAPE”. Anyone can Google it to read the story anytime and anywhere.

All her new steps against me are just to make sure I get back to square one and wrongly imprisoned so she come claim my properties and the kids. But she and her fellow conspirators failed woefully. In 2021, her uncle called begging me to accept her back but I told him I wouldn’t want to go back to my Egypt. They then petitioned me to National Human Rights commission Lagos but after hearing from both sides, i was again vindicated. Infact, the Commission lawyers said, “oga, your kind of men are rare“. Not long ago, armed robbers striked and robbed my business place at gunpoint and cart away over 3million naira cash and items.

She want to ruin my life.
She want to ruin my life.

That same night, the same assassin came into my personal house to assassinate me but I escaped and the assassin assured my kids that he didn’t come for them but me. Then I know where my assassin was coming from. Now she wants custody of the kids but failed. Wants visitation rights but I also refused including the kids. She later paid Kidnappers to kidnap the kids but I got a tip off then quickly relocated to another city. I blocked her on phone, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. I don’t want to mention how she uses charms and juju on me. But she failed in every angle till date.

She and her friends don’t know my location with the kids till now. I am trying to start afresh in life with my kids. Been in and out of relationship for almost six years now, not even sex. I want to start dating and possibly marry again. I need advice please before I start searching because i don’t want my life ruin again.

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