She Is Angry With Me Because I Refused To ‘Sleep’ With Her.

I am a guy in my early 30s. I have a friend let’s say K who is one of my close buddies at work and is 44years. K is a staunt womanizer and for that matter everyday he knacks but that is his personal life though I try to talk him out. We are so close that I could go to his place at any given time and mostly when I get tatata appointments it’s his place I go to.

K have a daughter who in her early 20s but not staying with him and anytime she comes around I go to visit because I was that close to her as well but I promised myself not to have anything sexual to do with her because of these three reasons:
1) i am married and have a daughter
2) I wouldn’t want to jeopardize my friendship with her father
3) he trusts me I won’t knack his daughter so I want to keep that trust.

She Is Angry With Me Because I Refused To ‘Sleep’ With Her.

As I said , anytime she comes to visit her dad I mostly go there to see her.
Now the issue is I had a visitor and had to go and lodge with K for 2 weeks and it happened that she also came for her visit so we sit ,chat ,eat together etc. Mostly her dad is not even around ,it is just she and I in the house even on weekends because he would travel on Friday evening and come back late Sunday night or Monday dawn but I tried to keep the promise I made to myself.

Fast forward, my 2 weeks was up for me to leave because my visitor was gone so one morning I went to her in the bedroom, sat by her on the bed and held her waist as she was lying down and covered herself with a cloth( note: holding her waist was normal as I always reffered to her as my girlfriend and K was aware about that so I sometimes call him in-law). Whiles we talk, I could feel her waist beads and she was giving me green lights which I ignored. I later left the house to town but continued home even without taking my things because I could always go for them so I didn’t go back though I was calling her to check on her constantly especially as her dad still wasn’t around. I do promise her of my coming which I was not able to fulfill until she left.

She Is Angry With Me Because I Refused To ‘Sleep’ With Her.
She Is Angry With Me Because I Refused To ‘Sleep’ With Her.

Now this is where the issue is, since she left back to where she stays, she does not pick up my calls. Sometimes I assume maybe she wasn’t with the phone but it is almost a year now we spoke and she is still not picking.

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So I want to know if I did the right thing by keeping to my words or I should have knacked her?

Because this attitude of hers is really making me regret.

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