She Gave Me Her Friend To Date And Told Me To Wait For Her Too.

There’s this girl who came to my workshop sometime ago and when done with what she came to do, I requested for her contact and she gave it to me and my cousin who was with me at that time also took her contact (we are some sort of playboys) so, I didn’t mind because it’s always “May the best vibes win” Considering my workload I always take contacts and forget to call or text.

My cousin texted her and they were talking until she asked which one of us is talking to her and my cousin mentioned his and and bla bla bla and then she told him for all the while, she thought I was the one and if am not the one, she’s not interested in him! Some weeks time my cousin came to tell me he vibed the shoddy but turned him down upon realizing I’m not the one and this drew my attention to her and because after all, i haven’t texted her yet after taking the number.

She Gave Me Her Friend To Date And Told Me To Wait For Her Too.

I made time after work to chat her and everything was going on well then again this girl said, she’s interested in me but she’s dating and as long as she’s still with the guy and living in the same town with him, she can’t date me. I understood her point and just allowed her be but one thing is, this girl will call me whole day claiming she’s calling to check up on me. I later wanted to know if she really doesn’t want give me the the chance and so i told her to link me one of her friends.

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Fast forward, she came to me and said, she called the girl to come to her end but couldn’t give my contact to her and doesn’t want me to be in the wrong hand. I understood her point since she knows her friend better than I do! Fast forward, just last Saturday, she posted some of her friends on her WhatsApp status and I asked her to give me a certain one’s contact. She insisted on not giving and bla bla bla but upon several persuasions, she gave in and gave me the contact. I started talk to the girl and won her which I think is through her help but the problem is, this girl is warning me every second not to love her friend along the way because she is not giving her to me to love her and she’s going to come back to me.

She Gave Me Her Friend To Date And Told Me To Wait For Her Too.
She Gave Me Her Friend To Date And Told Me To Wait For Her Too.

The problem here is, I honestly know she loves me and she has confessed and added she has refused to visit me at home because she can’t resist me in any little way a if I try to make moves on her! My question is, how do I go by this because am damn not ready to cause another trouble between friends because it has always been happening. Guys i am waiting for your comments on what to do please! Should I knack her friend and later knack her when she comes around?

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