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She Bounced My Proposal Twice And Now Angry That I’m Dating.

So I met this girl, took her number and texted for a few days. But the vibe died quickly. But things picked up after a year. We vibed well, I fell and I proposed. She bounced and said that she wants to remain as friends.

Strangely, after the bouncing we grew closer. Was visiting her in her house sometimes even spending a night (nothing happened though). Sometimes during our convos, she mentions how she’s been single for long and would like to get back into the dating scene so I took it as a good ahead sign. After like 6 months of this, I proposed again. She bounced again. She said I’m a good guy but she doesn’t see me like that and she asked me not to propose again. Cool, I understood.

From there our vibe weakened. We could go weeks without texting and that was when I realized that I was the one who was always texting first, so if I don’t text first the vibe would die a slow death which is what happened.
Some months later, I got a partner and begun posting her everywhere. Of course, the first girl saw it and sent me a message asking whether she’s my woman and I said yes. Then she started asking plenty questions, my gf’s family background, our sexual life, etc.

She bounced my proposal twice and now angry that I’m dating.
She bounced my proposal twice and now angry that I’m dating.

Normally, I wouldn’t have a problem answering but I remember asking her these same questions about her ex. All she could say was those were private things so she won’t say anything. I also told her no. She sent a long Voice note complaining about me, that I didn’t tell her I was getting a new girl. I’m like why do you think I need to inform you of every decision I make.

So I texted her bestie about the situation (her bestie and I were already good friends before I met her). It was then that the bestie told me that she likes me and that’s why she’s behaving like that. Then I said that if she likes me, why did she bounce me 2 times?? Bestie told me that she liked me but at that time, her ex was trying to get back together and she still liked the ex. And I said oh okay so I was the backup in case they didn’t work after all. Bestie went on to say that they broke up few weeks after coming back together. She added that now she (First girl) told herself that if I (me) proposed again, she’ll accept.

The level of entitlement this girl had. Anyway, I called her and told her that the Bestie had told me the story. Added that if she wants us to remain friends, she should stop her jealous antics. After all she was the one who bounced me twice.

She bounced my proposal twice and now angry that I’m dating.

Nowadays, we are status viewers with occasional comments here and there but nothing else.

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