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She Asked For ’Friends With Benefit’ But Now She Wants More

So around last year august I has on leave when I heard there were new staff recruited into our work and there were two females and five males. But when anyone calls me they keep talking about this particular girl and how I should hurry up and come see the lady. Fast forward, I went back and immediately I returned I decided to visit one of my colleagues because I learnt she was lodging at my colleague’s place to get her place ready. So when I got there and knocked, this fine lady came to open the door and I smiled and she smiled back and quickly said something funny and she laughed. Then I asked where my colleague was and she led me inside.

Fast forward, she introduced us to each other and I went back . So later that week I started visiting their house frequently because of this fine onion booty lady and she really liked my jokes so even tho they told her I had a girlfriend, she didn’t mind. I proposed to her and she accepted but whenever she asks about my girlfriend, I give her long story so she stopped and concentrated on getting me all to herself. We started doing bedroom couple stuffs which made her love me more and i was also having issues with my girlfriend at that time too so i had time for her. So my woman and i solved our issues and we came back stronger but I never mentioned to her about this new lady and kept on laying her. In fact we did it everywhere which made us even click more.

She Asked For ’Friends With Benefit’ But Now She Wants More

Fast forward, a friend was getting married and my girlfriend and I decided to go so when we were there, one night my girlfriend woke me up and was crying. I was surprised because I cleared my chats and call log on my phone but forgot that I have sent this new lady a text messages on my small phone and my girlfriend has picked the number and called the new girl and blast her. So she started asking me questions and i decided to tell her lies just to push her to tell me what she really knows and from what she was saying it means she has spoken to the girl so I apologize and she cried alot but last last she forgave me.

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I went back to where i’m stationed and also went to apologize to the lady and she also cried a lot but last last she too forgave me. So that week, i unexpectedly had a text from the new lady telling me she’s aware now that i have a girlfriend but she does not really care and have no really but she wants us to continue our relationship and be ‘friends with benefits’. She confirmed that she has a new boyfriend but the guy isn’t around just like my absent girlfriend. In my head I was really happy but I acted cool and asked her plenty questions to see if she really means it and yeah she really meant it so I started laying her again as a free meal. I started catching feelings for her Lowkey. I go to her place and cook and eat together but nobody at the work-side knew we were intimate in the low.

She Asked For ’Friends With Benefit’ But Now She Wants More
She Asked For ’Friends With Benefit’ But Now She Wants More

So this thing went on for sometime till she started acting weird so moved to her and asked whats going on. She was like because of how good and caring I am, she has left her new boyfriend because she feels my vibe more than the guy so and she wants us to take this thing to another level which I didn’t agree on because i really love my girlfriend no matter what. She started giving me attitude and I took it cool because I have had more than enough. So just last week I visited my girlfriend and somebody from my side has sold me out to my woman and this issue came up again. My woman called this girl again and blasted her but this time the girl retaliated and since then my woman has stopped those acts.

This girl also texted me saying I should forget about her and focus on my serious relationship and since then we haven’t talked l.
But my main issue is, my girlfriend is acting different lately since we are not in the same region. We are planning on getting married latest by ending of the year or beginning of the next and i’m afraid she has also started cheating on me as revenge.

She Asked For ’Friends With Benefit’ But Now She Wants More

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