See More Details: She went for the cleaner’s job interview but was later demanded s*x in return.

Being a woman nowadays it’s hard especially if you are unemployed and desperately looking for a job because some people take advantage, especially if they see that you need a job. We have people who don’t mind doing anything to make money because times are tough.

But the problem becomes when someone applies for a job and later finds out that the job they apply for is not what they advertised it’s all a lie. That is why they say before applying or going for a job interview it’s always important to research because there are women traffickers out. Women are stolen and turned into something they are not. While others are offered jobs they didn’t apply for.

Like this lady who goes by the name of Nonkululeko Nkulie. Nonkululeko took to her social media account to share some devastating news about what happened to her after going for a job interview.

According to Nonkululeko she went for a job interview and when she wanted to make a follow-up to ask the guy who advertised the job on Facebook, the guy ignored her but she didn’t give up she kept on texting the guy but still didn’t reply.

Then when he decided to reply the guy came back to her and asked her if she wanted to invest but the lady told him how can she invest in wireless because she still looking for a job. and then the guy decided to ignore her again.

But when the guy came back he asked the lady if she need the job and the lady said yes she needs the job, and then the guy ask her if she can do any job and the lady said what kind of job and then that’s when the guy asked her how good is she in bed.

According to Nonkululeko, this guy wanted to use her as a sx worker that time she was interviewed they told her that the job they were interviewing her for is for cleaning job, they wanted cleaners but all of a sudden things changed the guy wanted her to be a sx worker.

This is so wrong in many ways women are not safe. Imagine leaving your house to go for a job interview using the money that you don’t have and when you get there you are told a different story.

Scammers are everywhere woman needs to be careful and not only women even men have to be careful and be on the lookout because people out there are desperate to scam people and people are desperate for jobs, therefore, but we also need to be careful to be on the safe side.

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