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Capsules For Daily Living/Ep6: Second Chance In Life

Happy birthday to all the celebrants of this month and Happy New Month everyone else!!! Friends, we have finally arrived at the second part of this wonderful year, there’s a lot of second chances available now; a lot can be overturned now.

You can restart that project.
You can give that opening one more swing.
You can be more zealous.
You can bring to reality all you’ve dreamed.

Think about it: without you seeing out the vision you have, so many lives will remain the same. We count on you even though we don’t know it yet; but not to worry, we’ll come to.

Second Chance In Life

So whoever you are, don’t think “what I’m bringing to the table is too little” “I have nothing to offer” “it’s impossible to do” No!! nothing negative, keep at what you doing, whatever it is; no matter how little
Show us what you’ve got, let us see your light.

Do you know the significance of birthday’s?
It’s a day that’s beyond social media posts, hanging out, gifts and so on.
it’s a day to celebrate the real gift, YOU!
You’ve got to understand: birthday’s are so important not only because they signify the day you came into this world; but also because with every child born, this world has one more opportunity(a second chance) to get better and head in the right direction and you are that beacon of hope; our second chances.

So as you celebrate this month, let it be in your mind “This world got better because of me, because of my arrival”.

Second Chance In Life
Second Chance In Life

Once again Happy Birthday to every celebrant of this month and thank you for coming, your arrival brought hope.

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Anonymous Tales

And to the students preparing for Wassce, I wish you all the best in your preparations and favor upon you during your papers in Jesus name Amen.

Thanks for reading guys
God bless you

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